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  1. Thanks, as i said, PayPal Beer on the Way ;-) Thanks again ! Greets STAT
  2. GREAT ! But one Thing, beside this Top Table: cant get the German Sound File from www.ipdb.org to work ... ok, solved !
  3. Cant find a Table (?) Nothing ? Sorry, just a Question, thanks.
  4. Ok, now i just see the Problem, the Key is the "EB BuyIn" at the right Side in Key Options. Search in the Script: ... if KeyCode=LeftMagnaSave ... there is the BUYIN function (i think ?), maybe you can place here your KEYCODE and it works ? And YES it WORKS, thanks man to Point this out ! Also i do Need this in my Cab too :-) Search "buyin" in Script, take the 2 lines with .. if KeyCode=LeftMagnaSave Or KeyCode=RightMagnaSave Or KeyCode=29 .... and type in a third Option, my Example KeyCode=29 = Left CTRL Take your Key from the List from Itchigo ( thank you ) and seach your Key Number ( ex. for your Z = 44 ) Thats it !
  5. ONLY go in the Options by the Editor, here you can Chance the most Keys ! Or should there a Way in the Script too ? I dont know ...
  6. Boah, this mean: please we can Play this on our Cabs, in some days ? ( i will give PayPal Beer )
  7. Ah you are not old, i am old: 42 ;-) MAME run fine on PinballX, you just Need some Parameters to Start at the PinballX - Options ... PinballX have also a Screen Rotation Button ...
  8. Update at my Homepage: a first Ready to Play - Status :-) [ http://www.digisystems.at/pages/pinball2014 ] MAME 6 Buttons, sure, that will be better, but the first reason for me to a Joystick was the "Baby Pacman Pinball", i think there is another Pinball this use Joy - "Granny and the Gators", but i cant find Fullscreen Table atm., i have already a MAME Cab, so i will only Play some Games at the Pinballmachine, they Show good on a upstanding 27 " Screen (example 1942, ...) KOPTango, please feel free to ask me something. At my PinCab now, i think, i have some "little Errors": The Cab is too high, try to Mount the Legs FIRST and control your High. I have mounting the Legs at the End, and upper there was some Buttons in the Way, so i must Mount the Legs at the (bad) Bottom. Cab High now is front 40 cm, Back 50 cm, i think it would be enough, near 30 to 40 ... But Overall - it is ok.
  9. Take the one from Stern Website (Ironman Pro), rename the .bin File inside to im2_183.bin and zip them, rename the ZIp File im2_183.zip , too. Go in the Tablescript and rename the Line ... cGameName = "im2_183"
  10. Jolly Card is avaiable in MAME too. Little Roll is a half mechanical Slot Machine. Both are Originals, nothing selfmade. I think, for building, you have best chances for "Jolly Card" with MAME Emulator.
  11. Hi all, this is my first Pincab, it is near ready: http://www.digisystems.at/pages/pinball2014 Also included a Joystickset with 3 Buttons (for MAME, and Baby Pacman Pinball), Coindoor and Coinswitch, try a real Plunger with a Microswitch, all other basicly on a I-Pac32. Screens: Backglass 19", Playfield 27", Cab is Wood, all Designs are selfmade, i get only some ideas from here, the Internet, and sure from real Pinballmachines. I hope i can Play next Days/Weeks, i think in 1-2 Weeks.
  12. Looks very nice, but where is a Table for this ?
  13. DMD Position use X/Y Coordinates and Start at the left/up Corner at Playfield with 0,0. To save this DMD Position, you must drag this on your RIGHT-sided or DOWN-sided Scrren on your Windows System, so you get a positive X or Y Coordinate, if this negative (left from 0, up from 0) they cant save Position.
  14. ok, solved: used and renamed im2_160 to im2_183 ( Rom and Tablescript ).
  15. i wonder, at Avengers (example), all sound is ok, but "Ironman" ... i has do all for it: table, sam, code from s*website ...
  16. Hello, i hope i can use this Topic, thanks ;-) I have ready to Play "Iron Man", but i have no Sound from the DMD, only Flippers and Plunger ...
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