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  1. Ok Wildman, i dont know, if we Need an extra "Fan" Mode Download, you want to add it to your 2 AND 3 Screen Versions ? B)

    Easy and you know what is to do, i "only" added 2 Snippits at 0,0 and set it to Fantasy while i set all your others in the Area to "Authentic", exc. Main Light.

    Added a quick Animation with the 2 Fan Images to SOL 38, also "Fantasy", thats all … see Info Images, and my 2 Fan Images here … ( done: i add it to the new Versions … )


  2. Whirlwind (Williams 1990)(Fan MOD)

    Here is my Whirlwind (Williams 1990)(Fan MOD) directb2s Backglass File, i did that a time ago.

    Siggi with this nice Redraw ( at VPinball ) motivated me, to re-optimize my Version: you can choose "Authentic" or "Fantasy",
    at least with Fantasy, you will get the Fan - Animation, when it should be active like at the real Machine !

    Full Credits to Wildman, i used his latest fine BG for that !

    Have Fun !



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