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  1. Indiana Jones

    Hope you can Show us more
  2. star wars data east

    I also like your Screens, would be nice with the new DLL for Monitor Users too
  3. MM

    Tom, can i have your Version for my Monitor Cab, please ?
  4. Buck Rogers (Gottlieb 1980)1.0

    Looking great Man, thanks.
  5. Lunelle (Taito 1982)

    Thanks Sax / Bilta and Wildman, love it when all is fine, esp. on a great VPX and great Backglass
  6. Cheetah(Stern 1980)

    We Need a Hires Version
  7. Zarza (Taito 1982)

    Wildy, the sleepless Backglass Maker … thanks
  8. [New B2S Alert] Ghostbusters LE (Stern 2016) B2S

    Nice, thanks, i ll give it a try later ...
  9. [New B2S Alert] Doctor Who (Bally 1992)

    I tried something with the Colors,, Or/Pu/Bl/Black wasn't the Best at my Screen, now i using this ... all Colors are from the base Color Palette ... And Looks like there is a Typo in the Rom at German Text "SPEILFELD", should be "Spielfeld" lol
  10. [New B2S Alert] Doctor Who (Bally 1992)

    Cool Information, thanks Guys
  11. [New B2S Alert] Doctor Who (Bally 1992)

    Thanks again, Wildman ! outhere, how do i get the Colors in DMD like yours ? ... and really a great Table, big thanks again to Sliderpoint !
  12. [New B2S Alert] Doctor Who (Bally 1992)

    Thanks Wildman, very nice as always, but DMD Field is a bit too small at 2Scr, imo.
  13. star wars data east

    Holy sht - wow - this will work with VPM too ?
  14. [New B2S Alert] Shock (Taito 1979)

    Thanks again Wildman, without you, the "Backglass World" would be very empty
  15. Sure Shot (Taito 1981)

    Did i miss a Table ?