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  1. stefanaustria

    Star Trek 25Th Anniversary (Data East 1991)

    I am sure i have it since "Years", but thanks again for this !
  2. stefanaustria

    Royal Rumble WIP

    Guys, is there a VNI Version avaiable for this one ?
  3. stefanaustria

    Star Wars

    Sorry, i have to ask, what is FSQ File ? Can i use it like VNI in VPinMAME/VPX ?
  4. stefanaustria

    DUMP file, LOTR

    LOTR ... would be really cool
  5. stefanaustria

    Twister( Sega 1996)

    Very nice, just for the VP9 Version - but really nice BG ! Edit: i meant PM5 Version
  6. stefanaustria

    Jolly Park (Spinball 1996)

    Yeah, thank you Wildman - thanks again Akiles
  7. stefanaustria

    Criterium 75 (Recel 1975) full set

    Thanks for the Update
  8. You Color Guys are amazing, thanks !!!
  9. stefanaustria

    Royal Rumble WIP

    Thank you very much - thanks also to you malenko, why you have Troubles with VPX & directb2s ?
  10. stefanaustria

    [New B2S Alert] Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    Yeah, thanks
  11. stefanaustria

    Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    Thanks (again) Wildman, the real Machine have the Speakers and Extra Lights at the Top, you want to/can Change it ? BR Stefan
  12. stefanaustria

    [New B2S Alert] Black Fever ( Playmatic 1980)

    There is a Table in WIP ?
  13. stefanaustria

    Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980)

    A very nice Update, thank you Wildman - just it isn't easy for me, to get the Girls on PF
  14. stefanaustria

    Star Wars

    ok ... what real machines you have now ?
  15. stefanaustria

    Star Wars

    dboy, nice to see you again