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    What the Hell, is that a VPX Version ? wow
    Really needed ... thanks B2S Master
    Really nice, thanks Man !
    Yuhu, thanks, thanks, thanks ...
  1. ah ok my mtl_170HC works now, forgot to check "colorize" - i wonder, Need this one only for this rom
  2. I have the Metallica LE just in one Color ... all others are in Color ...
  3. Dazz, i just did this: Put the DmdDevice.dll to in the same Folder where your VPinMAME.dll is Every Color set from lucky1 have 1) altcolor/Rom_name/pin2dmd.pal - File (create Folders in VPM Folder) and 2 )Patchfile for the new Color Rom, then at VPM for the new Color ROM only (ex: smanve_101c), use Show DMD - no (optional), and Use External - yes You can test it over VPM directly, but some Roms are working only over VPX ... Spiderman VE is a good start and looks very nice: Here is the Patch Tool from lucky1:
  4. Really great ! Was there ever a Avengers PM5 Table ?
  5. Also had crashes with mtl170c (and others) with Setup.exe and Test, but over .vpt or .vpx Table, all runs fine !
  6. Ok thanks i.a., maybe this could be anything like that: [main] left = 450 top = 50 width = 610 height = 150 [mt_145c] left = 400 top = 70 width = 614 height = 153 next, next, ...
  7. Question for the DmdDevice.ini, is there a Way to save different Tables/Roms here ? Atm. there is just one Position and Size for all ... Because i have different directb2s Files and then different Places for the DMD ( i havent Hardware, on Screen only )
  8. I have to say "Thanks Guys", and thanks again lucky1 ... Color DMDs are very nice at my Cab, also without DMD Hardware
  9. Thanks Carny, VC2010 now start mtl_170 and all others runs well too, i havent any Issues with Gilligans, except the "sounds like from a Radio Voices", but i think THAT IS the Rom ....
  10. DirectB2S

    Thanks Wildman, thanks Clark
  11. hm thanks, just have basic Knowledge of phyton but that is too much for me ... also at the side of VP Script ... but maybe ... ( ok the downloadsource isnt anymore ... )