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  1. Thank you for all your Work Carny 💪🏅
    Thanks Wildman ! For the Table, i think there isn't a working ROM available, thats Right ?
  2. Thanks Wildman, looks very nice - but also looks a bit color-less imo. ?
  3. Thanks Man, can i ask what is "new" in lotr3 ? Or is it just the first Version 3.0 ?
    Perfect for the new VPX Table - THANKS Wildman
  4. Did you also change to "EXE Mode" ? ( Right Click on Backglass ... )
  5. If you Change to "Fantasy", you should definitely get the FAN Image(s), WHEN the Fan should be active during a Game. Maybe the Connection to directb2s isn't well, while it isn't active, and you just get it in Front by Pressing ALT/TAB ...
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