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  1. Look my Screenshot from SAMBuild 4474
  2. Yes. Thank You CarnyPriest Can someone help me to find this Rom sman_262 ?
  3. I can`t make a Dat-File from "PinMAME.exe". Who can help me? And i can`t start the Pinmame.exe
  4. Hello Guys, I would like to introduce you to a method, or maybe you know, how to download a dat file with ClrMamePro, if CarnyPriest creates it before and uploads it somewhere. Maybe the Turtorial explains everything exactly, see link http://www.mameworld.info/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Number=280629&page=0&view=expanded&sb=5&o=&fpart=1&vc=1
  5. Can someone help me for my missing PinMAME ROMs? fix_PinMAME29_SAMbuildr4245.zip
  6. Thank You Guys for Info, but a Step to Step Tutorial was the best or a easy Video.
  7. Hey, I missing 50 Roms from latest PinMAME SAMbuild 2.8b02. Someone has the missing Roms for me. fix_PinMAME SAMbuild 2.8b02.dat
  8. My last Miss 26 Sets 40 Roms fix_PinMAMEr3802.zip
  9. My Miss 41 Sets 57 Roms fix_PinMAMEr3802.zip
  10. My last Dat-File from PinMame 2.7r3802 PinMAMEr3802.zip
  11. Can someone from the sam.c and driver.c generate a dat file to check Roms for ClearMamePro, please
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