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  1. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    That`s a very good idea
  2. Can someone help me for my missing PinMAME ROMs? fix_PinMAME29_SAMbuildr4245.zip
  3. Compile Pinmame

    Thank You Guys for Info, but a Step to Step Tutorial was the best or a easy Video.
  4. Hey, I missing 50 Roms from latest PinMAME SAMbuild 2.8b02. Someone has the missing Roms for me. fix_PinMAME SAMbuild 2.8b02.dat
  5. Pinmame Roms V2.7 R3802

    My last Miss 26 Sets 40 Roms fix_PinMAMEr3802.zip
  6. Well Done. Great Work. Thank You !!!
  7. Pinmame Roms V2.7 R3802

    My Miss 41 Sets 57 Roms fix_PinMAMEr3802.zip
  8. Pinmame Roms V2.7 R3802

    My last Dat-File from PinMame 2.7r3802 PinMAMEr3802.zip
  9. Retiring From Vpm Sam Builds

    Can someone from the sam.c and driver.c generate a dat file to check Roms for ClearMamePro, please
  10. Retiring From Vpm Sam Builds

    Thank you, arngrim for all
  11. Compile Pinmame

    Hi, Who can help me with an step by step tutorial for compile PinMame from this git https://github.com/jsm174/pinmame What programs do i need to install ?
  12. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Help Please !!! Missing a lot of Roms from VPinMame (Iron Men, AC/DC, X-Men, Wheel of Fortune, The Walking Dead, Metallica). Who can help me ? Pinmame_Roms.txt
  13. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Hey Guys, Can i made a Rom-List from VPinmame SAM/PINDMD 1 and 2 ?