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  1. Confirmed. This download does not contain the V2.0 Version by Slashbot but the V1.0 version by Dazz. I guess somehting went wrong while uploading the update.
  2. I tried libusb-win32 in combo with pindmd2 and also winusb with pindmd2. Both combinations did not change anything. I used latest 2.2 zadig which should have latest libusb, winusb and other in it. I did also change usb ports with no success. I do ahve xHCI support enabled in my UEFI Bios. Reason: Win7 won't boot without it.
  3. You might be missing the latest core.vbs or have multiple version (usually people put them in the tables and the scripts folders). Download and intall the latest VP10.2 beta rev.2847. The new core is in there and needed for "any of the new build". Make sure you only have it in the scripts folder.
  4. Well, it doesn't. Didn't have to unblock the dll (admin account). Gave full controll over all relevant dlls to ALL possible users and future users. --> no change. So, either I'm stupid or your dmddevice.dll just does not work with my windows. I hope it's the first case :-) Anyway, going to update the firmware of Pin2DMD later tonight. Hope that helps. Not sure what to do if it doesn't. Could help you troubleshoot my problem or just go back to 2.37. I'd gladly help. Lucky, feel free to move my post over to Pin2DMD support or VPinMAME support. This is not really a VPinMAME SAM Development issue.
  5. Firmware is V2.30 installed sometime back in July I think. Want me to upgrade? If yes, did anything change in the procedure with the STM32 ST-Link Utility? Okay, copying dmddevice.dll to my system32 directory did not change anything. --- I also edited above post at the same time you replied. This is new information: - UltraDMD does not work standalone (tested with America's Most Hunted table VPX) which does not interact with VPinMAME (no Error message too) - Future Pinball's FP-Intercept (Marco and you) stopped working aswell. (This is also plausible due to the driver change, right?) If you need more information, please tell me.
  6. Thanks a lot for your reply. Lucky. No, ever since using a dmddevice.dll PinballX has stopped working. So, first I deinstalled my Pin2DMD device (including removing the libusb drivers) just to then reinstall it with the winusb driver by using Zadig. (see picture 1 and 4 below) Then I took your 2.45 build (now in the first post) and setup VPinMAME with it and also copied the Pin2DMD-relevant files (this time without the libusbK.dll) to where they should be put. (see picture 2 vor the Visual Pinball and PinballX file setup and see picture 3 for the VPinMAME setup). Result: - No changes regarding VPinMAME (VPinMAME runs as it should) and also no changes regarding Pin2DMD (doesn't work with the Error message: "No DMD device driver found") - PinballX works but does not show anything on the Pin2DMD (strangely no Error message) - UltraDMD does not work (tested with America's Most Hunted table VPX) which does not interact with VPinMAME (no Error message too) - DMDExt from freezy stopped working, which is plausible due to driver change of Pin2DMD - Future Pinball's FP-Intercept (Marco and you) stopped working aswell --- Some more relevant information: - I don't have any other USB-devices installed using either libusb or winusb drivers. - There's no double installation of Pin2DMD or any conflicts with other USB devices (see picture 5, devmgmt with non-present devices visible) - latest Pin2DMD.exe works (changing config and saving it the SD card) - none of the dlls are blocked - there are 3 USB composite devices installed, none of them is Pin2DMD (see picture 5). They are: #1: Mouse and Keyboard Combo / #2:ZebsBoards Controller / 3: IPAC2 --- Lucky, can you confirm that the driver setup of Pin2DMD is correct this way? Any further suggestions are highly apperciated.
  7. @firebrand007: Nice to hear that you got it working. Say thanks to Lucky and the VPinMame-Crew, not to me. ;-) I just tried reinstalling like you did, which also didn't change anything.
  8. Pretty sure he will and pretty sure we will find a solution. All this stuff works for other people, so it's probably just me being stupid or having missed something becuase of inativity since 2.37. Or maybe solving my issue does help others too. We'll see.
  9. Nope, both dlls didn't change anything. Must be something wrong with my driver setup. Thanks for trying, though.
  10. Thanks for trying to help. Unfortunately this version of VPinMAME.dll didn't solve my problem. Same result again. Why's that file so big compared to older dlls? Something big coming? ;-)
  11. @ Lucky, just tried the new dmddevice.dll dated 28.11.2016, that's in the XDMD_CMD download. Same result.
  12. Unfortunately, my update of VPinMame from 2.37 to current 2.45a did not go as well as I expected. Hmm, well, VPinMame seems to work, but the Pin2DMD does not anymore. I get the same error as Bent did: "No DMD device driver found" from the DmdDevice.dll. What I did in this order: 1. Updated to 2.43: Added the PinMAME.exe to my VPinMame folder. (only this file becuase the included vpinmame.dll and the sam.vbs would be replaced anyway again). Source of 2.43: VPUniverse Downloads. 2. Updated to 2.45a: Replaced my old sam.vbs and vpinmame.dll with the new ones. Sourc of the files: Carny's post over at the "code change" thread 3. Update to 2.43b (PinDMD only): Added the dmddevice.dll and the libusbK.dll to my VPinMAME directory. Left the vpinmame.dll in there untouched to not overwrite 2.45a again. Sourc of the files: First post of this thread. 4. Ran VPinMAME's Setup.exe and it installed sucessfully. 5. Replaced XDMD.dll and XDMDNative.dll in both relevant directories: (1) "Visual Pinball\XDMD" and (2) "PinballX" ----- So, compared to the perfectly running 2.37 the following new files were added or replaced: - PinMAME.exe / dated 31.10.2016 / VpinMAME directory - sam.vbs / dated 25.11.2015 / Scripts directory - vpinmame.dll / dated 30.11.2016 / VPinMAME directory Size: 1'718'272 bytes - dmddevice.dll / dated 15.11.2016 / VPinMAME directory / Size: 92'672 bytes - libusbK.dll / dated 30.01.2016 / VPinMame directory / Size: 84'280 bytes - XDMD.dll / date 4.11.216 / Visual Pinball\XDMD AND PinballX directories / Size: 268'288 bytes - XDMDnative.dll / dated 4.11.216 / Visual Pinball\XDMD AND PinballX directories / Size: 85'504 bytes Did I miss something? Pin2DMD.dll or libusb0.dll or libusb-1-0.dll maybe from the latest PIN2DMD master? What are those for? Or do I have to delete older dlls like pindmd.dll and ftd2xx.dll that were used back in april or so? ----- So, can you guys please help me with that? Where to go from here? My best guess is that there is something wrong with my Pin2DMD driver setup. VPinMAME 2.45a works without a "External DMD Device" enabled. From my amateur perspective the dedicated DMDDevice.dll for Pin2DMD seems to work, becuase it's able to give me an error message. But it can't find or communicated with the driver for Pin2DMD, which in my understanding is the libusbK.dll. After that my understanding of what's happening then approaches 0. So I might be completely wrong. Interesstingly the PIN2DMD also stopped working in PinballX BUT there was no error message. ----- Some relevant info on my setup: -Win7 64bit -V2.30 firmware on Pin2DMD -Drivers for Pin2DMD: \system32\drivers\libusb0.sys \system32\libusb0.dll \system32\libusbk.dll \syswow64\libusb0.dll -all other Pinball software running perfectly, no other major issues with the system
  13. Thanks a lot for the quick answer! I guess I take this also as a "yes" to the second qustion. Keep up the highly apperciated and even more impresive work!
  14. Quick questions, becuase it's hard to follow and becuase I could find the information anywhere. Lucky, are your changes to vpinmame included in the current 2.45(a)? Edit: Another question: Are the xdmd.dll and xdmdnative.dll supposed to replace the according dlls in both Pinballx AND Visual Pinball?
  15. Thanks a lot allknowing for the first information. Highly apperciated. Though, you answers did not quite yet help me understand what I obviously cannot. Let me comment and simplify my questions, please. #1: There are quite a few ROM-based tables around that use old .exe backglasses: Attack from Mars, Bad Cats, Black Knight 2000, Back to the Future, Cirqus Voltaire, Cyclone, Eight Ball Deluxe, Elvira, F-14, Flash, Funhouse, Jack Bot, Jokerz!, Kiss, Medieval Madness, Mephisto, Scard Stiff, Spirit, Star Trek 25th, Star Wars (DE), Starship Troopers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Terminator 2, Tales from the Crypt, Time Machine are on my list. There are probably more. I aware that there are alternatives around. Most, if not all, of these tables above have b2s-code in the tables script and were done by rosve as mods for JP tables. Having b2s-code in the table scruipt means, that both (1) VPinMame (with the help of the B2S.server) and (2) the table itself (with the help of b2s.vbs) can "talk" to the backglass. Who does the backglass listen to? The answer to this question should solve my problem no knowing which table to install, when I want an emulation of the backglass with full funcationality and low chance of errors. So, the simplified question is: Do I pick JP's FS Versions of the tables or rosve's B2S Mods and why? I would like to use the tables with directb2s backglasses, if available. #2: Solved: If there's neither b2s-code in the table scirpt and no B2S-Server/VPinMame-combo running, the backglass does absolutely nothing (static image). Unfortunate! #3: It is possible. I have example tables installed that open a .exe backglass and still call the b2s server to enable Feedback by using DOF (without Error: B2s Sever looking for a same-named .directb2s file). What's the workng best practice for coding that in the table script? Please post examples. Maybe arngrim can help here, as he for example created a patch (VPU Patching) for Wizard!, one of the tables that successfully loads an .exe backglass and still uses DOF by calling the B2S-Server. #4: The answer to question #3 should help me solve the initial problem with T3, which is not that I can't get a .directb2s file to work (there is none around). My problem is that I can't enable DOF on T3 (Set Controller=CreatObject("B2S.Serve) without the resulting of the B2S-Server looking for a directb2s backglass. For T3 the B2S-Server would just load another directb2s backglass (2001 in my case, guess it's alphabetical). For other tables I just get an Error-Message, saying that the B2S-Server can't find a file with the same name. Remark: I could live without these questions answerd / problems solved. Most of above tables have alternative versions. I'm not just trying to figure out what to do for my best experience, but my goal is also to understand how VP / VPinMame / B2S Server, .exe and .directb2s backglasses / DOF work together in order to contribute to the community in future, helping newer members who will inevitably ask themselves the same questions. The approach I chose to learn stuff is to search for related problems and solve them, either by myself or with the help of others (this case I need help, becuase I'm not a VP-coder (yet)). Again, thanks a lot in advance for an information and answers!
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