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  1. Visual pinball stops responding when I exit

    ..and you clicked install after loading up 2.9? Are the .dll blocked? Perhaps just grab the 3.0 version ..
  2. Wheel Of Fortune

    oh of course .. it is a Stern table in current production (?) so not likely to see it released.
  3. Wheel Of Fortune

    Mentioned previously.. It is out there .. for some reason it is not released on the forums.
  4. Could it be something about font sizing? I have seen that mentioned in the past .. (A windows general setting)
  5. object required controller

    Is this a 2 screen setup? Seems like it cant start the directb2s piece. What about .net framework - any chance that is messed up?
  6. tables crash on exit

    When you open a table .. it is the top property in the Table portion. Normally people dont change this from the default "Table1". http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=57618&id=11572&full=1
  7. tables crash on exit

    Are you seeing this error? http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27856 Fixed by adding Sub Table1_Exit():Controller.Stop:End Sub Where "Table1." might be slightly different depending on if the author changed the table name in the object properties.
  8. Stern Roms

    The table is setup to use the direct2bs backglass - sounds like you dont have that. You basically disabled that function. Most people need the opposite :-) 2 or 3 screen setups.
  9. I did it .. and then he disappeared and didnt pay me a cent..
  10. HELP "no dmd device driver found"

    Copy the files from dmd2 directory down one directory to the main directory -- or whichever version of dmd you have.
  11. PinballX "expired" message. Please help!!!

    Pinballx is the exception here ... you can safely update that software. The warnings are more about visual pinball and vpinmame.
  12. Old style B2S and Internet access

    Suggest a virus check .. I dont recall ever seeing / hearing about b2s exes having to connect to the internet. They are not that "new" :-)
  13. Naming of tables and backglass files

    If the name is not an exact match then it starts to guess. Best to name directb2s exactly the same as the table name.
  14. Table sounds only on Comet table

    Does this work? 1. Press END key to open coin door.2. Using the 8 and 9 keys, adjust the volume. The 8 key will lower the volume, while the 9 key will raise the volume.3. You may have to press END key to close the coin door.
  15. Check you tube there are some nice conversions ones there .. There is also a spanish version of a Big Brave conversion that works nicely in google translate - that is how I learned.