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  1. Wait.. do you have your windows resolution turned? It needs to be turned 90deg .. is that landscape . It will look wrong if you are in windows and standing at the machine but that is how vp expects it to be... like this image..
  2. If this is Version 9 (v9/vpt) then be sure to get FS full screen tables and not desktop tables. FS tables are rotated 270deg. Click background and check the rotation - set to 270. There are many posts on how to change the settings to meet you screen resolution.
  3. New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

    vpX cannot run vp9 (ends with .vpt) tables. Period. You can add VPx but then you have to find/load and run .vpx tables. Its not a simple as updating the one .exe. Does that help?
  4. Request

    I dont think it is there but take a look over at roguepinball itchi has a lot of the older tables.
  5. Thank you so much for the fast reply.  I really appreciate it!!!

  6. Pinball X Version Expired

    pinballx.net just download and install right over the existing install. newer versions dont have the expiry built in. should be zero risk.
  7. Williams games booting into audit mode

    Could it be you need to run as admin so that it can create the nvram file? I assume audit mode is something like Coin door is Open blah blah blah?
  8. Tables without a .directb2s yet

    Cant say they are all there .. A directb2s is not good if the table isnt coded to handle it. Some tables may be old and use the .exe backglasses. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=6000 Original tables - again .. if it isnt coded for a backglass there likely isnt one available. You a picture and pinballx to place something on the backglass. I have a backglass for every table in my cab..
  9. Visual pinball stops responding when I exit

    ..and you clicked install after loading up 2.9? Are the .dll blocked? Perhaps just grab the 3.0 version ..
  10. Wheel Of Fortune

    oh of course .. it is a Stern table in current production (?) so not likely to see it released.
  11. Wheel Of Fortune

    Mentioned previously.. It is out there .. for some reason it is not released on the forums.
  12. Could it be something about font sizing? I have seen that mentioned in the past .. (A windows general setting)
  13. object required controller

    Is this a 2 screen setup? Seems like it cant start the directb2s piece. What about .net framework - any chance that is messed up?
  14. tables crash on exit

    When you open a table .. it is the top property in the Table portion. Normally people dont change this from the default "Table1". http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=57618&id=11572&full=1
  15. tables crash on exit

    Are you seeing this error? http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27856 Fixed by adding Sub Table1_Exit():Controller.Stop:End Sub Where "Table1." might be slightly different depending on if the author changed the table name in the object properties.