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  1. Zarza (Taito 1982)

    Awesome as you'd expect coming from Wildman.
  2. Awesome! Great job, wildman (as always!!).
  3. Speed Test (Taito 1982)

    Great... thanks Wildman!
  4. I recently ran the VPX4 allinone installer, and tried to just update vpinmame, etc. That was my first mistake
  5. I think I had several unneccesary folders within my vpinmame folder. I am using a third PC monitor for my DMD display. I believe through a variety of installers, mishaps, etc. I had the following folders in my vpinmame folder that weren't needed... they are: DMDExt, PIN2DMD, PinDMD1, PinDMD2, and PinDMD3. I deleted those. I'm not sure what all caused what, but things seem to running much better now. For example, I had problems with sound stutter that have gone away.
  6. Thanks BambiPlattfuss and lucky1... I made those changes and it is working! One mistake that I made was installing DMDExt, when all that I really needed to do was move the dmddevice.dll and dmddevice.ini files to my vpinmame directory. As you pointed out, I was editing the dmddevice.dll and dmddevice.ini files in the wrong place (in an unnecessary DMDext folder). I don't know if there is an official install guide (I haven't found one for my configuration, at least), but senseless wrote up a wiki at vpinball that could use some updating. I'm happy to document my leanings if there is an official thread for this. I'll update senseless's post, since it is a wiki and designed to be contributed to.
  7. dmddevice.dll and dmddevice.ini are both in vpinmame\DMDext\ What gets me is that I can see that everything about DMDExt seems to be running great -- except for the fact that all of the DMDs are the red dots, and the resizing handle is white dots. It's like it doesn't see or recongnize the pin2dmd.pal files. Is there another place I should post this question, or someone I could message directly?
  8. As the title suggests, I recently upgraded VPX to the official 10.4 release, downloaded and installed the vpinmame 3.0 SAM release. Everything seemed to work great, except any colorized DMD didn't show color anymore. I believe DMDExt is running properly, because the DMD display looks like it, and has the white triangle resizing tab on the bottom right corner. I found and installed the dmdext 1.6 update from github, but that doesn't seem to change anything. The pin2dmd.pal files are all in their right folders (named according to the rom names), in the altcolor folder in vpinmame, etc. As I said, it all worked great before the updates. I've reinstalled vpinmame multiple times, restarted everything (including the PC), and have confirmed the rom setttings. Any ideas??
  9. Hi 1computertyler and ninuzzu. I'm trying to follow the thread and have an error similar to 1computertyler. Everything seems to work fine with the code, the sounds and dmd, however, when I try to start a game, it keeps searching for a ball and won't start a game. From the conversation, it looks like maybe there was something to do with the version of core.vbs. I am using the core.vbs from 3240... sholuld I be using a different version? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  10. Black Jack(Bally 1976)

    Great work as always, Wildman! Thanks for this and others.
  11. Great to see this triumphant return of the legendary Groni!
  12. [New B2S Alert] Hot Shots (Gottlieb 1989)

    This is considered by many to be the lowest level in Pinball artwork! Of course… You did a great job wildman. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. [New B2S Alert] Dragonfist (Stern 1981)

    Very nice backglass, Wildman! Is there a recent release of this table, or is this something someone is working on?
  14. You are probably best to revert to the original version of the table. I am away from my computer so I don't have a reference, but from the table top menu item, below Play is an option that allows you to change settings in real time.
  15. Are you using VP 9? If that is the case, there is a separate image for the lit playfield so you will need to scale that one the same way. However, your best bet would be to not scale any of the images themselves, but to change the table dimensions settings in the VP editor. That way, all relevant images will scale the same way.