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  1. I have been using colorized DMDs with DMDext (1.72)for a long time with no problems. Now all of a sudden, I am getting error message that read "PIN2DMD not found". I am running vpx 10.6 in desktop mode.
  2. It's working for me now. I submitted a a couple of scores. This is a great idea, Dazz!
  3. Can you confirm the link to the MatchPlay event? I've searched for VPUniverse and other terms and cannot find the tournament.
  4. Great idea! I tried the link and am registered on MatchPlay, but I got an error message that the tournament was not found ("Tournament Not Found"). The URL is https://matchplay.events/app/tournaments/33588 Any ideas?
  5. Amazing work! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for all of the hard work on this!
  6. I agree with the previous comments! MM is beautful and it is great to see your talents on TOTAN!
  7. This looks AWESOME! Great work so far TimBoch.
  8. I can't seem to reply to posts in the classifieds. Have replies been disabled?
  9. You pretty much nailed it, Dom. I just posted my actual problem, which was pretty close to your guess! Thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks for all the help, NetzZwerg. I found my error, and the colorized DMD is running properly now. My problem was that I didn't copy the pin2dmd.vni file to the altcolor directory properly. I've only seen .pal files before, so I goofed that up. So, for anyone else, make sure you put the .vni file alongside the .pal file. And, this awesome!!! Now, back to playing some games. Thanks again NetzZwerg.
  11. One more thing... I tried other games and some also look wrong. Star Trek looks fine, but ACDC looks like the attached images. I'll try this on my cab later today, hopefully.
  12. I thought I might have found the problem, that I had not reinstalled vpinmame, but I tried that, and it didn't fix it either. I attached an image of my settings, and what the DMD looks like.
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