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  1. Hello everyone. I sure do hope someone can help me with this. I finally upgraded to VPX 10 and I am having the worst time with some tables. When I installed Scared Stiff and Monster Bash, the DMD's have table info extensions below them and I cannot get rid of that extra area. I went in to the script and set the value for "Show DMD Only" to "1", saved, reloaded, and the DMD still looks the same. Am I missing something here? How the heck do you completely hide this section of the DMD? I've attached a photo below for visual reference of the DMD with table info. I apologize if this topic has been discussed. I would appreciate any help that someone could send my way. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello Bigbully, welcome, it's great to be able to have an existing cabinet but you have to find the right size lcd tv to fit so i prefer to find an inexpensive used/new 42 - 46" lcd online or in your local paper and build around it. Custom is the way to go for me. You can find fairly cheap wood and supplies at your local hardware store. Do some research on actual pinball cabinet specs and build from there. All the other equipment will be the easy parts, i.e. computer, graphics card, stereo system, etc. There are many many tutorials and videos on building and setting up your system on the internet. Graphics for the actual cabinet can be either painted on or digitally printed and applied that way. Everybody has their own look and style and you will too. I was a newbie 2 years ago (I don't post much) and have never looked back thanks to this site and the "other" one. Hope this helps... a little.