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  1. Yes, I wrote xx because the number may change
  2. For that error, I deleted the file msvcrxx.dll in c:\p-roc\cmake\bin That fixed the issue for me. To move the dmd back you can simply copy paste the user_settings.yaml from your previous installation, or simply edit it: C:\P-ROC\games\cactuscanyon\config\user_settings.yaml
  3. That's because you are missing the dmd and sound folders. I told you to not delete them.
  4. The core.vbs, probably is the culprit. Try the code I posted, I have no problems with it in my installation.
  5. It's been a while, but maybe I have a solution: it seems there is a problem with the game.py in the new code. Line 1492 in the game.py (probably spaces instead of tabs) https://www.codecademy.com/en/forum_questions/519ab24b8d93808eb80001dc The installer is correct instead, but it simply downloads a "bugged" game.py. Anyway I have an older version of the code so maybe you can try this: Go to C:\P-ROC\games\cactuscanyon Delete everything except dmd and sound folders Download the old code https://mega.nz/#!WEYUhTDZ!iVJwAVTu6nyhBjl_5kaCd6j4n87oavnC7RBmLb_me04 Extract the archive into the cactuscanyon folder. Try it and let me know.
  6. SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    This spirit of collaboration is amazing and the support is insane Very nice guys!
  7. SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Yes, that's true, when I tried the modulated solenoids on this table, the wheel mech wasn't working.
  8. You have to change it to D:/log.txt so P-ROC based tables can be run from the D: drive. I also answered Dazz question at monsterbashpincab. Cheers
  9. I went back to older releases, latest release working for me is 110816. I can't see any lampnumber above 80 with later versions.
  10. I tought there were some extra lamps numbers for the GI.
  11. Does the new VPM also supports ACDC LE and Metallica LE? I don't see the extra lampnumbers (the ones with a number higher than 80), using the ROM test table.
  12. Hi guys. Great work with the new vpm stuff! I tested the Mario table and I have zero issues with the sound. But I tested it without the db2s if it may help. I tested it with latest vpm112116 and both VP10.1 and VP10.2 Keeep up te great work!