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    Great job !! Best version of this backglass. Thanks much..
    Very nice.. Thank you !!
    Best backglass for Twister I have seen. Skin color is natural. The one I was using looked like the people had liver disease.
    Wildman... You have done it again.... Beautiful redo... Going straight to the cab to update it.
  1. Nevermind.... Found the answer.... rom name changes are required for X-Men, Ironman, and The Avengers
  2. After installing the latest Pinmane dll to support The Walking Dead LE table, I have three stern table with issues. The Avengers and X-Men get a "game name not found" error and ACDC is aborting and shutdown VP9.9.. The rest of the Stern SAM tables appear to be fine. Anyone else seeing this issue? Thanks
  3. Hey Guy, I assume this bar is in Knoxville.. What is it called and where is it located... Thanks Naboodiver (Maryville)
  4. Truely Sorry !!!! I feel for you man.
  5. Loved the old Rat Fink model kits when I was a kid. Those and the Aurora Universal Monsters lined the shelves of my bedroom. Too cool. I will try it when I get home from work.
  6. Fren, You are an amazing developer... Damn !!!
  7. Great table Joe.. The playfield is outstanding. It is a challenge to get all the ramps.
  8. Fren, Thanks much. A thing of beauty as always. Thanks for all the hard work by you and the team. Love it !!
  9. Works great on my cab. Another great release Javier... Many thanks.
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