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  1. i installed them on both my VP cabs with sainsmart relay boards and not a single issue.
  2. uncleslash is now making boards for a cleaner install with this combo (no solder , or wire nuts to hold the diodes anymore ) and now u can turn off all the soloniods with a switch , and also trouble shoot with the leds http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2607-flyback-diode-board-for-solenoids/#entry29621
  3. Thank you, thought maybe I did something wrong. Time to update , donation sent
  4. Does pin2dmd work with fx2 with the software now or do I need v2 of pin2dmd to make it work
  5. Just got it to work used a shorter dmd cable
  6. Have 3 boards , all write to SD correctly, booting up showing Williams logo, blue light blinking so its getting data , but screen won't go out of pin2dmd Williams logo . game is johnny nmononic Any ideas? Tried another set of cables
  7. Atleast yours cane in one piece , mine doesn't line up either
  8. The panels I got 32x64 , yeah 4 linked together http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32469724548.html
  9. My p5 panels came in 1/16 scan when I do each one by itself it works , when I combine all 4 I get this , tested all ribbon cables . any ideas ?
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