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  1. I have a Utilimarc ultimate, and haven't had time to play with it. However there's nice Visual Studio projects available for download to get one started. Think they work for all the Utilimarc products.
  2. The whole "authorization" thing is killing innovation and moving on with the hobby. Oh no, we can't make fixes of a table since the guy who originally made it is now living in a mountain cave in Montana. New changes in VP? Great. Can't update a table or two since one's not the "original author"(really, Pat Lawlor makes VP tables?), then there would be no point in updating VP. Why not collaborate? We have the CVS for software, why not apply that to tables to keep 'em stable?
  3. Would this also work for Centaur? I have a Centaur backglass that I want to have a backbox built around, and thus hang on my wall.
  4. I feel like I'm reading text messages here. Heh
  5. This. It seems there's no respect to copyright(I know and we all know this is a legally gray area), but all the respect & glory given to the table author. No honor among thieves? Yes, a table author put a lot of work into it, but that's not to discount the guy/guys who put forth the effort into the real life version! If they can't be contacted, it's just as assumable as a "yes". The hobby should not rest on people who aren't even involved any more. Otherwise it will fade away into obscurity. Go ahead & rip those plastics scans from a table made 5 years ago with someone who's email address bounces back. They didn't get permission from the company/artist to get that artwork, so why should you have to? That's one question I never got a clear answer to. "because they already got paid for it" does not answer it. Also, it's difficult to enforce. Anyone could mod a table without any clearance/permission/blessing & upload it to some other site. There's bigger fish to fry than worrying about that.
  6. \ This. An ounce of work on even just patching up the installer is worth several pounds of installation support. That's just the installer part. Not even base game code. We have computers that make things easier for us. Why not let it help?
  7. Looks like he's now working for Heighway Pinball: https://twitter.com/SLAMT1LT
  8. Soo.. What is pinbox & NuCore for those not in the know?
  9. I like the low-budget junker builds. I tried it before with a laptop & a small LCD TV laid down on top of the keyboard(vertically). They wonderfully failed for one stupid reason or another. I have a PC the size of a cigar box that I managed to get 3 displays available on(stuffed in a video card+onboard card) that I haven't got around to trying out yet.
  10. You see, we have computers to make things easier in life. An improved installer would negate the need for such tutorials. It's 2013. We can do better.
  11. One thing I noticed a short while back was the latest VP installer. The "full" installer, so to speak. I suggested to include the core .vbs files in the full installation. Why? One less step to do in the setup process. Hell, include the pinmame installation as well. That would greatly reduce installation difficulties that entire install tutorials were for. I was given a reply of no since "That's just the way it was" or something like that. So that's the reason not to do it? That's not even an excuse. There's an old saying: "innovate or die". Well, I'm not seeing any innovating here. Adding some files to an installation is a no-go, huh?
  12. 800 games? Good ones too, not just a bunch of redemption machines? I am impressed. You have hit the motherload.
  13. Maybe a good start would be to document the .FPT file format, and build off of that? It has much more primitives than VP does. That, and it has those nice selections of different objects(ie not just 1 pop bumper).
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