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  1. King Kong? I've been around playing VP since it began almost and I've never seen this table in VP or knew of its existence. However, I have seen a new rendition or mod of Medieval Madness more times than I care to see by this point. Very cool to see a clean pf of a brand new table that I haven't seen before. It's a fairly recent Data East game which is great news! Data East tables are some of the greatest IMO.
  2. I'm just starting to lean to use the editor, but I understand half of your method of how you create the backglasses and the scripting. I just look at all the lines of scripting and it's a bit overwhelming to undestand what goes where and I guess the "sequence" in which things are done for a whole project. I've learned PC FPS editors and made my own levels, I'll get the hang of this too.
  3. I mentioned your tables over at that other website and Shadow saw my post there and reminded me here about the bad juju. Since the tables are already made, how much work goes into each one? Basically, you're just changing the angle and dimensions of the table and adding a b2s backglass? Is it something a novice could pick up and do or do I need to really know the editor well? The reason I ask is that I'd either like to make some for myself or help in adding them here at this website. Thanks
  4. thanks for the reply. I kinda figured it out on my own before you replied except I had to move "BG" UP a click instead of BG1 down. That fixed the static BG images, but when the lights come on, I get the lines and also a black halo when the bulbs come on and it kinda tears through the backglass art. I switched back to 9.21 once I got too much of a headache, but would love it all working on 9.9 since it looks and plays better.
  5. Umm.. and how do you move it down 2 "bumps"? I found the BG1 ramp in the options of the editor on the right side, but I dont really know what Im looking at or for on the table.
  6. I think these things are awesome. Especially for ones like me without a cab setup, but using a single vertical display for FS tables. I'm very impressed with these things and was wondering if anymore were on the way? It's cool that you can actually script these backglasses like the spider in Scared Stiff. How hard is it to make these backglasses? I'd love to work on backglasses with lighting and stuff if I could learn how to get started. Anyway, hope some more are on the way.
  7. One that has remained my favorite table and one that I keep going back to is a VP8 table "Elvira and the Party Monsters" made by Highrise and JPSalas. It's not the newest version of Elvira that JP has had a hand in either, but this one was made the best IMO. The tinted orange animated backglass is alot cooler than the "orangeless-tinted" backglass made in JP's newest version. Also, the cool 2nd plunger effect at the bottom right is really cool as well. The plastics all seem very real and "plasticy". Native ball speeds and "feel" seem really good to me as well. Here it is..http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=1920
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