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  1. Man I wish I had you're talent and understanding of colourisations.
  2. I was using the right USB, not sure why it stopped working once I updated the firmware. I ended up connecting my laptop via the same cable and downgraded and it worked after it failed once I rebooted the laptop and tried again successfully.
  3. I upgraded to 3.00 however when trying to launch a game on my VPin I either get a completely black DMD or a quick flash of the DMD loading and then a completely black screen. I attempted to downgrade to V2.67 however when running ST-Link I get a message about not being able to communicate. Is there a way to fix this? Do I need to run the FUll Chip Erase from ST-Link? Please offer suggestions as I currently don't have a working Pin2DMD as a result of the new firmware.
  4. Thanks.... I'm pretty much exhausted from this... trying to learn and do etc. and I haven't got there yet... I know that Malenko said that I didn't have much, but that not much was literally well over a hundred hours of effort but I stopped counting. A lot of what you have said will help. I couldn't find enough information when I started and it seems the methods used now are different to what was suggested was the only way I could do things back then. I would like to see it completed, but I'm running on empty at the moment.
  5. If anyone is interested, the link below is where the project currently sits. I believe that some things I am having difficulties correcting may be due to beginning this project on an early version of Pin2DMD Editor but it may just be that I don't know how to use it will enough. You can by all means grab it, tinker with it or just have a look and see what you think. There were a number of complications I ran into and with advancements there are better methods used now so I am not sure whether fixing/finishing this one or starting fresh would be best. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nkqk9cqn2xnvtmp/AADUemnJvokAoHfuRkkqGb32a?dl=0
  6. I've watched the tutorial... it's great. Very informative. Some of it is different to how I'd previously been told to do it but I'm not sure if it's just personal preferences or changes in the versions but your results speak for themselves so I'll use your method from now on
  7. There are some scenes that can't be done with current methods but that isn't really any different to many others.
  8. So I thought I'd give an update... As I mentioned previously, someone took over the project and they seemed very keen and advised that they did a few things to it straight away. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything from them for a while (just over a month) so I don't know how they are going. They were hoping to have beta testing ready by Christmas but don't want to show it until it is presentable in their opinion. As that person hasn't responded to my last couple of messages, I asked someone else who has released some sensational work for Pin2DMD's to cast an eye over it and they have advised that they'd approach it differently and if they were to help out they would start from scratch. Their advice is actually to do things the opposite way to what I was advised when I first started the project. When I put that as a summary it sounds nasty but I assure you it wasn't said in a nasty way. I'm a bit up in the air with this at the moment... not sure which way to go but hopefully the person that took over is progressing.
  9. So.... is colourising the Ghostbusters DMD for a Pin2DMD a possibility either through Pinball Browser or Pin2DMD Editor or is it not something that can be done at the moment?
  10. Someone else has taken this project and working through what DJRobX suggested plus some extra parts. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it.
  11. I find that the load time is very long too. I think that it would be great if it was possible to shorten the load time.
  12. A quick update... DJRobX has spent a good chunk of time working through issues I was having and explaining how to fix things that he hasn't fixed for me. The guy is a champion and a machine. I still have to find time to get back to this... not sure when at the moment I'll find time but I'll try to shove other things out of the way to make this happen. Unfortunately some of the work I'd done was to no avail as limitations of the Pin2DMD Editor won't allow the scenes to be displayed as I wanted.
  13. We don't have a Visual Pinball table to test with do we?
  14. I am not at my cab at the moment but you should be able to use the latest .dll from Lucky or the latest Freezy .dll
  15. I now have this working. I grabbed a dll from someone that had it working and away it went. Not sure why the one I was using didn't work (was the latest from the GitHub page) but it's working now.
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