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  1. it works. stupid me...the power supply was very slightly loose and i didn't see that the blue light wasn't on at the time i tested it. VPX scripts control the intensity of it right?
  2. hi, i see ledwiz-4 on the list. which is what i should see. i guess there's maybe a step missing not in the instructions as far as a config file goes.
  3. Hi I just installed Zeb's plug n play shaker, i followed his directions and installed dof for the first time. i have no other toys/lights. i don't have ledwiz as he said i don't need it. but i set # led devices to 4 and configured under device 4 like it says. even though his picture shows it as #5 for some reason. Windows detects the shaker. I don't know what to do with the 2 lines under 'update' in the config tool ''set lcp_apikey = your api key etc ,. i ignored that. if you are not familiar with his instructions...i opened the vpuniv.config account ,changed the settings to match his, save config, generate config, put tabllmappings into tables folder, rest of the zip into directout/config folder. I did nothing else. I opened led blinky to test as per the instructions and expected the motor to start and nothing happened. cab has wifi but i don't want to rely on it as it can cut in and out. I don't understand what happened? Can someone assist me please? What screenshots can i provide to help?
  4. hi will this work with a PINDMD3? and i'm still confused there's a checkbox on vpx to colorize ..though it doesn't seem to do much. Is it better to check that box than not to?
  5. i guess i don't know what i'm doing. 3.1 was working for the tables i really wanted.
  6. i think i tried both but anyway...is the beta only for testing purposes? Should I just stick with 3.1 and 10.5 for now?
  7. ever since updating to beta..none of my roms can be found. it did say 3.2 was there then i copied these files into the vpinmame folder and ran set up 64 it said 3.2 was there (i didn't use the above one)...then i hit install and then it installed 3.1 ..not a clue...i tried to start over and installed 3.1 minimal ..and still the same issue
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