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  1. Having a weird issue where after 2 seconds of gameplay, the ballsave is triggered and kicks a second ball out... is anyone else having this issue?
  2. Thanks for looking into that, fren- I'm also having that same issue.
  3. Hi all here's the latest progress on the table. I have a link if anyone wants to try the WIP in vp 10 things to check out: -skillshot magnet that awards points for time in boss circle, activated by a light plunge hitting 3rd rollover in circle -2 ball multiball set up for hitting in line targets -hit left ramp to charge mode light, hit captive ball to launch random mode - mode set up at this time is a shoot lit target mode. this is working partially at this point -hit targets to right of the dragon to increase or decrease next weapon mode. shoot the lane with the green lights 3 times to open the gate that goes from that lane to boss lane, this will set the flashing next weapon as the active weapon mode -rolling over inlanes turns on a timer for a ramp multiplier. There's still lots of code to write (Lyman, your job is safe) and graphical work to do, but i'd appreciate any feedback on the gameplay so far and how accessable the modes are at this time. Please note at the present time, lights do not turn off at the end of balls or games to make it easier to test modes, etc. Thanks and please let me know what you think. https://www.dropbox....UL v19.vpx?dl=0 -Lodger
  4. Fren, Good idea. I was thinking of maybe treating the posts as targets, but i think that sold me. Jamma, that's going to be in there on the DMD Complete the left set of targets to turn on the kickback, complete the right set for the gate, complete the set of armor by lighting both to have both of the side saves and shoot again lit for 30 seconds)
  5. Hi all Some of you may have seen this WIP posted at VP forums, but I wanted to show this here as well to get feedback from those who don't delve there. I"m working on an original table based on the classic Capcom Arcade game Ghouls N Ghosts. This game will be on the VP 10 platform and am planning on using ultra DMD to do add dot matrix animations, updates, etc. Gameplay should be pretty unique: -weapons that turn on new features, offer new strengths and weaknessess -many mode options that are unlocked with successful completion of levels -multiple collect bonuses -boss fights to conclude rounds (shot objectives with a special target area that does multiple things depending on how the region is hit) The game will feature sounds and music from the arcade game (the music will most likely be slightly remixed and edited by myself as there was no percussion in the original arcade) To date it is a combination of original artwork paired with stuff sampled from within the G n G franchise. Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions- i know i'll need to fix some of the lettering soon, but let me know any thoughts or suggestions you might have! Thanks =Lodger
  6. This is an interesting subject- nice work on the demo, too. I agree with frenetic that some tutorials on this subject would be really helpful. I'd like to step up my flasher game and am not entirely sure where to start (i can trigger them, can switch out textures on primitives, etc, but can see that what you all are doing is leaps and bounds beyond that!)
  7. nice! my wife is an uber fan! . I was thinking it would also be fun to have the floating heads on top of the bumpers Death by SNU SNU multiball! lots of options for fun stuff there I really look forward to hearing your game modes!
  8. it looks awesome- can you let me know what the series was? If its any help, sound design, etc is something i'm pretty well versed in as well.
  9. Its always cool to see a new pin, but i'm wondering if they're shooting for the wrong audience. I havent followed wrestling in about 20 years...it would have been cool to see them focus on legends with some new stuff...otherwise, there's a good chance that they'd run into the same issue they did when royal rumble was released by data east....none of the talent was still on the roster.
  10. Frenetic, I'd be happy to help out however I can. Send me a PM
  11. Got it to work! humorous moment of the evening, my first draw on the game was a pair of threes: the announcer shouts "player one has crabs!".
  12. having some issues with the rom- what should the zip/rom name be? thanks
  13. got it taken care of- Great Job Javier!
  14. I feel like this is a stupid question, but i keep on getting the gamename not found message. I got the latest stern vpm dll and copied the dll and replaced vpm's with it...other games are working correctly. is there anything other than copying to the directory i need to do to get it to work?
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