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  1. The image in the Nucore forums requires the usb dongle. But upgrading the existing pinbox image will not be a problem i think. I'll ask the guys at Big Pinball what they will do... If they are going to try to stop me i won't even try. Thing is that making it work would make rapid prototyping possible when developing a new Pin2k games.
  2. Ok better late than never.. Since i did a little proof-of-concept a while back running Pin2k os on my pc with pinbox: Since Nucore code in the open now... Can i safely do another(more complex) test now without being arrested or getting C&D letters from fancy lawyers?
  3. For some reason i accidently came back to this old thread when i was googling today on pinbox after finding the old iso on my drive. I kind of forgot i ever did this! But since all the software is free i think maybe we can do another test?
  4. Since John will never finish this game and ony one prototype is ever made with only 20% of the ruleset implemented i was thinking how cool it would be to make a semi-original for this game. There is still a lot online from this game like the sound (i back it up since i think the site is going down soon, since John is in a million dollar lawsuit): I know it's a pain to implement a ruleset without a rom, but it seems so very sad to let this game die without ever seeing the light of day. It looks like Cirqus-Voltaire II , which is one of John's best! Edit: deleted some stuff.
  5. The nucore was close to a 1000 dollar if i remember correctly. And they were very fast with protecting their IP with a lawsuit against the pinbox people. The website was only 2 days online.... with a download enabled for less then a day. I think filed a lawsuit in december though, but they had the documents of comcast... could just took a while : http://www.rfcexpress.com/lawsuits/other-statutory-actions/michigan-eastern-district-court/685506/big-guy-amp-039-s-pinball-llc-v-domain-playpinbox-com-and-ip-98-251-52-68/official-court-documents/
  6. It would work with a real nucore too. Then it would be legal to do so. If the guys of BigGuysPinball just sell the license with dongle for a normal price it would be profitable for both communities (pinball and VP). And I think a lot more will sell for VP as for the real thing. I do not want a drop-in replacement ... i just want the license. You would not need mame. Why emulate anything that you can run native?
  7. Ok, i am able to control the Nucore software by sending and receiving data to the LPT port in code. I just tested the flippers and received data to a textfile. This means VP could control the Pinbox software. This kind of ends this POC for me. I have no desire in really making a module, this would be a lot of work. and will probably get me in trouble.
  8. Just to prove what i am saying. I am running a VMWare image of tiny Linux with 70% transparancy on Visual Pinball. I used a tool where i selected VMWare player to add transparancy since there is none in the player by default Now there is alway the focus issue and more of that. But .... it can be done. I do not know how to interact with the VM with VP. My guess is to add a virtual parallelport in the virtual machine that communicates with the host, this would be normal behaviour for a LPT port in a VM. You would need something like portmon ( http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896644.aspx ) to monitor the port, to gather the information needed. I think you would have to make a virtual connection on that port with an emulator , that would interact through the virtual LPT port and reacts just like the normal powerboard. Next would be to write code to interface to the virtual LPT port, and that does not look very hard. Nice tutorial and sourcecode on various places, like here http://logix4u.net/parallel-port/15-a-tutorial-on-parallel-port-interfacing . Found them in all kinds of language... Edit: found this document, might be very helpful (free and legal and only to support my theory).
  9. @shadowsclassic exactly. Why do you need another screen when the whole thing is digital to begin with. The output for the secondscreen could be done in a virtual machine since it's just a Linux boot. I was not aware of that FP game, since I do not play FP (I know.. sorry)
  10. You do not need an extra display... that is my point. You would only need to place the output of the screen mirrored on a playfield. Like something that runs in a virtual machine.
  11. Now i am only talking theory, but what could we do with everything around to make a VP version of RFM/SWEP1? I know the people from Williams do not like it, and C&D have been given out. But we are talking theory here, not actual planning. Like i was thinking, since you can boot from cd image, you could mount it from your frontend and boot to a virtual Linux version within windows....? I do not know how you would be able to interface between VP and Nucore.... that would be a problem. Anyone has an idea? Since it's not really emulating anything my guess is that you would need to emulate ports like parallel and serial and read them out and convert the data? Now i used to have a RFM but i just cannot remember how the thing was connected. However when i look at this youtube movie it's only connected with one wire: For the monitor that projects the image on the playfield, could be something like how the b2s backglass works. There is no real interaction between them in a real machine, they are all targets/droptargets. So i think that would be an easy thing to just put a small backglass over the playfield.... what do you guys think?
  12. looks really great.... you could make some really nice tables with those skills. Someone could use the models you made and incorperate those in a Firepower table.
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