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  1. your are Chepas , correct?? am I mistaken? if so, yeah you sent me a early version of the table, before all the lights were coded in... was this not directed at me? ----> "I actually gave this guy a chance about a year ago when he was still whining back then about not being finished but then went quiet." if it wasnt I must have miss read....
  2. LOL... come on man... you gave me a very early version of the table... and I told you I would need a closer to finished version.... what part of that wasn't clear... am I a mind reader what you were going to code the lights to do?? , I don't get this pissy overtone, am I missing something?? and whats with the tits thing?? are you mixing me up with someone else?? ...... did someone shit in your cheerios??
  3. it works now .... so thats a plus... so is that a no go for working on the lights?
  4. LOL... yeah I ain't the tits guy... I did do the official nude mods but I did it under protest , no joke... I have Jaws running now after someone held my hand and showed me the deal.... as for unlocking... my interest is to now continue working on the lights and the overall look of the table... no silliness this is all it took for me to get Jaws running , again after a little hand holding if CCC already works run these commands pip install requests than python -m pip install --upgrade pip this is what worked for me
  5. heres an idea... how about a step by step to make it all work... I've been doing this for many years and never seen all this craziness.... I have CCC working like a charm uumm and why is the table locked??... I thought that stuff ended in vp8
  6. View File AC/DC (LUCI Premium) (Stern 2013) amp grill AC/DC (LUCI Premium) (Stern 2013) high res vectorized BG amp speaker panel (internet photo) fantasy lighting ani-gif with standard grill (do to laziness) Submitter hauntfreaks Submitted 09/16/2017 Category B2S Backglasses  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    AC/DC (LUCI Premium) (Stern 2013) high res vectorized BG amp speaker panel (internet photo) fantasy lighting ani-gif with standard grill (do to laziness)
  8. World Cup Soccer (Bally Midway 1994)

    I'm not a dog fan, I'm all about the pussy-cats
  9. LOL.... whos this Brian Ryan character ???.... LOL thanks for the credit man!!
  10. B2S Designer / Layer Order / Z-order

    come on old man, you have to know someone that can rebuild this b2s designer, out of date mess!!
  11. Retiring From Vpm Sam Builds

    ppppsssttt.... metallica pro 1.70 just came out...
  12. daz i wanted to shut up about this, but that's not true... I've seen them in the machines myself... I know a vertigo that was shipped 100% fully loaded... seeing is not just believing but knowing... they were in there I also found this youtube video.... more proof Dazz this of course is no disrespect to you