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  1. View File AC/DC (LUCI Premium) (Stern 2013) amp grill AC/DC (LUCI Premium) (Stern 2013) high res vectorized BG amp speaker panel (internet photo) fantasy lighting ani-gif with standard grill (do to laziness) Submitter hauntfreaks Submitted 09/16/2017 Category B2S Backglasses  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    AC/DC (LUCI Premium) (Stern 2013) high res vectorized BG amp speaker panel (internet photo) fantasy lighting ani-gif with standard grill (do to laziness)
    I'm not a dog fan, I'm all about the pussy-cats
  3. LOL.... whos this Brian Ryan character ???.... LOL thanks for the credit man!!
  4. come on old man, you have to know someone that can rebuild this b2s designer, out of date mess!!
  5. ppppsssttt.... metallica pro 1.70 just came out...
  6. daz i wanted to shut up about this, but that's not true... I've seen them in the machines myself... I know a vertigo that was shipped 100% fully loaded... seeing is not just believing but knowing... they were in there I also found this youtube video.... more proof Dazz this of course is no disrespect to you
  7. wildman... again I love ya man.... but you are the same buddy of mine that doesnt want your BG's on other forums... is this any different?
  8. you know I love ya man... you are the first person I have ever talk to on here... and you're one of the coolest in my book... but friends can disagree: lots of scripts in the tables say not for resale or commercial use its always been the same for all VP software, again not for resale... we all know that, you know that also... building cabs is of course 100% fine I couldn't be more happy for them being on the show, everyone that makes cabs will benefit from them exposing Joe public to the hobby we all make the same thing when it comes to cabs.... we all got the same info from the same places LOL you said authors are pirates also... when it comes to ROMs yes... what i been waiting for is someone to bring up that we build tables that replicate real machine here's the answer to this this couldnt be farther from the true, here's why if I went to see the mona lisa took a photo of it when I home and redrew it from that photo I go to etsy and post my drawing for sale and some sucker by it in our hobby what you do and the other authors do is the same thing for free, and out of respect for authors its known there work isnt for resale the easiest way around this would be for cab manufactures to create their own versions of these table, but then they would have to create the program that runs there recreated table but then they would have to hard code the rom commands into the recreated tables answer is not feasible
  9. LOL... well... I have even better (I'm answering a question not trying to continue a debate) .... have you ever played the machines? I have.... at pinfest every machine there had 100% fully loaded and working (the list above software) they also had 800 or more MAME roms Fully installed and working you may say... well its a trade show and it to show off their capabilities answer: I also know for a fact a vertigo was shipped with the software above preloaded in the machine and 800 or more MAME roms Fully installed and working I'll throw this out there as well..... not only did they have every VP9 table installed, but it had all the corresponding, B2S and wheel art that was created by the community any other posts to this thread will be directed to only answer any debate to what i have said so far.... just to keep to post count to a minimum
  10. I'll take the flaming.... LOL Vpinmame - Illegal for resale B2S Server - Illegal for resale VP9 - Illegal for resale ROM's - Illegal for resale shared Table Builds - Illegal for resale as billy eichner would say, ...... and........away...... we....... go
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