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  1. KingofMetal79

    Freezy DLL not colourising ROMs

    I suspect I have a set up issue - i have the pal files in the correct folders etc. but now joy. NB - I am using a monitor for my DMD...
  2. KingofMetal79

    Freezy DLL not colourising ROMs

    Thanks for the prompt response... Is there somewhere I can get non-Stern roms/patches? Cheers
  3. KingofMetal79

    Freezy DLL not colourising ROMs

    Good evening, I recently downloaded the Freezy DMD Ext files and copied the required ‘dmddevice.dll’ to my vpinmame directory. Ive checked the require boxes via the F1 vpinmame settings and the 'new' DMD appears. The 'colourise' option is checked in the settings and enabled in the .ini file and I copied the attached pallette files (see link below) and the file structure into my vpinmame directory but my DMD is still not showing any colours? Do i need to patch the ROMS too? If so, can anyone post a linked to the colour patched ROMS aswell (in addition to the palette files) Many thanks in advance.
  4. KingofMetal79

    Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

    Greetings, Im just logging on to say a massive thanks for the table. Its awesome and plays really well. However, does anyone have a backglass image and playfield video for Pinball X? Thanks in advance
  5. KingofMetal79

    Metallica Pro Fs Pm5

  6. KingofMetal79

    List Of Vp Physmod Tables

    Afternoon all, Does anyone know where I can access all the Physmod 2 table? The link under the table list gives no joy (http://pinballbulbs.com/files/physmod.html) as you need a password. There use to be access to hundreds of tables on the site, including many cool tables that have not had a PM5 conversion as of yet... therefore any help is appreciated. Cheers
  7. KingofMetal79

    Pin.bot Or Jack.bot Physmod

    Evening, Does anyone have a physmod version of the original Pin.Bot or Jack.bot? I know that there isn't presently a physmod5 version but Im pretty sure there may have been a PM2 version at some point. Does anyone have a copy that can upload or link to? Cheers
  8. KingofMetal79

    Dmd Only Taking Up Small Portion Of Window.

    Yes! Thats sorted it...thanks a lot! I knew it was something simple and I couldnt work it out. Cheers!
  9. Evening All, I was loading up the Physmod 5 Star Wars table in my cabinet and realised that the DMD is all squashed? On closer inspection it would seem that the actually DMD display only takes up a small portion of the window. Does anyone know how to fix this? Many thanks
  10. KingofMetal79

    Vp10 Is Here (Beta)

    Ok, that makes sense. I thought I was going crazy! haha Cheers for clearing that up.
  11. KingofMetal79

    Vp10 Is Here (Beta)

    Cool. How do i get the Smurf table up an running in cab mode? I've downloaded the most recent version of the beta, loaded up the smurf table and ticked the 'rotate for cab' box. But it is still in desktop mode, just on its side! What am i missing? Cheers
  12. KingofMetal79

    Vp10 Is Here (Beta)

    Afternoon All, Can you now run VPXin cabs? Last time I checked it was optimised for desktop mode only..... PS. Also do you think it would be a good idea to bring all the VPX tables presently available together in one thread/post (something akin to what happened with the Physmod 5 tables)? I think that would be really useful. Kind regards
  13. KingofMetal79

    Physmod 5 Table Requests

    Lol. What about Alien by Heighway Pinball? :-)
  14. KingofMetal79

    Enabling Plunger Support In Old Vp Tables

    I have one more question regarding this topic: Yesterday i downloaded the physmod5 versions of Back to the Future and Firepower but have come across another issue with the plunger. In the table editor (under Select Element) there is only P1-P6 (not P1-P12 as described above). When i remove them from the table and import the new plunger image there is no plunger image present at all when i start the table. Therefore do i have to approach these tables slightly differently? Kind regards
  15. KingofMetal79

    Physmod 5 Table Requests

    Evening all. I am totally obsessed with the new wave of Physmod tables to the point where I can't play any tables that have not been adapted for Physmod as they just seem so 'floaty' and unrealistic! Now my question is - are Black Knight, Black Hole or Pin*Bot likely to get converted any time soon as I really wanna play 'um with the new physics? Fingers crossed!