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  1. Thanks for the link lucky ! I will dive in to this. 👍
  2. Empty link ? Refers to github, but no such page. I am very confused which files to use etc.
  3. Ok found it on vpuniverse. I will look into it. Thank you for your reply
  4. Hi Lucky. Thanks for your reply. Where can i download the pin2dmd.exe ? Can't find the link on pin2dmd.com
  5. Hi, I have been using a PIN2DMD display in a Virtual Pinball. I would like to use this PIN2DMD in my real pinball Machine. Stern whitestar system. Is there a tutorial available for connecting this to power etc ? I can't seem to find it. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Anybody working on a Terminator 3 Colorization ? Or does one already exist ?
  7. Hi just received DMD from GGS. Just made a donation. Thx !
  8. Hi, just received my DMD from German Gaming Supplies. Made a donation. I used flippermarkt.de as forum name as I was not sure wat forum to use. Thanks in advance. Regards Jack.
  9. Hi I want to use a pin2dmd display with my Stern T3 real pinball machine. I read some artikels on the forums, but i don't understand fully. The DMD Controller in my machine uses a DMD Rom chip. Do I need the DMD driver board (like the colorDMD display) ? If not how do I get the required files to use the display as a replacement (even if not using colors) ? This topic is propably discussed but i cannot find it. Excuse my ignorence
  10. Hi Guy's, I am reading into the whole dof thing, and would like to add some toys to my cab. I created a profile on the dof configtool website. But I am a bit confused. What is the difference between "10 bumber..." , 8 bumber...", 3 or 5 flasher etc. My guess is 10 or 8 total contacters ? and 3 or 5 flashers ? If so, which option would i choose when I just want to use contactors for the flippers and slingshots to start things of ? Thanks in advance Regards Jack
  11. Setting the led display offset to 1 removes the grill for the tables. Thx Rosve !
  12. Ok, i will try that setting Rosve. I was aware that you can set the settings for each backglass tcboogietown, but that would mean that i have to set it for all my tables individualy. If the Led display offset setting removes the grill for all tables, that would be great.
  13. Hi, i have entered the full screen resolution in the screenres.txt, but the B2S server still shows the grill. The default setting is standard. (see attachment) I have to select "hidden" to hide the speaker grill. I am moving from a 2 screen settup to a 3 screen setup.
  14. Hi, i was wondering if there is an option to set the default settings for the B2S server. I would like to hide the grill for all my tables in my new 3 screen setup. It seems i have to set it seperatly for each table... Am i missing something ?
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