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  1. it seems like it only works on rom controlled, at least I've never been able to get it to work other wise. hopefully you can figure it out @Wildman sure some of us would be most appreciative.
  2. to be honest, I would just stick with the pinscape for all of it, much less hassle. I just added one to my mini-cab to replace my old ipac and sidewinder controller(nudge) and added a plunger instead of just a lunch button. it was pretty easy to do. I soldered headers onto the pinscape board and crimped connectors on the wires for buttons. I went with the potentiometer recommended in his docs for the plunger and just did a simple bent wire wrapped around the plunger through a hole in the slider to make it work, easy peasy. I don't have pics at the moment but can get one later a a day or two.
  3. Ah, I didn't pay attention that this was the 7 digit b2s I keep forgetting about those, but that explains it all since I'm running the 6 digit version of the table that I modded of gtxjoe's that I put up over on vpinball - https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/amazing-spider-man-gottlieb-1980/ That was before I owned the machine and found out the dimensions in the dimensions manager at the time were wrong, so it's even the wrong size, but since I have the real one I don't play the vp one very often.... Anyway, nevermind, carry on, 👍
  4. Thanks man, looks great but the credits and ball in play are showing up on player 4 score display. Some day I'm going to strip down my amazing spider-man machine and scan the playfield and do a total rebuild of the vpx table... it's on the list.. really it is.
  5. Yes. Chime 1 would be the 10 point in a 10, 100, 1000 point system like most gottliebs were, which was the short chime. I believe others manufactures may have had different orders. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  6. Do the Hollywood heat and bubba tables work? And are you using freezys? I'm not sure freezys supports alpha numeric displays. Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  7. How come Buck has all his clothes on? (Asked my girlfriend). Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks Blacksad! I made a build thread over on vpinball when I built it, http://vpinball.com/forums/topic/star-wars-wedgehead/ Here it is with a couple of the real pins.
  9. OK, so not to complain.. well not too much, but do you have that image without it being cropped? It is a nicer image than the other versions of the b2s I have, but my backglass monitor is actually vertical and wedgehead size (taller than wide) so this would be the exact opposite of what I need. That and didn't westworld update the b2sserver to allow for proportional aspect ratio correction? here ->
  10. Dude, that's a pretty awesome animation you did there. I like it!
  11. Thanks man, but "1"s are not showing up in the score, you have the 7 segment leds in there, I think it needs the 10 segment.
  12. That's where the x-scale and y-scale as well as offsets come into play. VPX has a camera mode (Table, Camera/Light Mode) that lets you adjust the settings and see what they look like as you do it.
  13. Since tables are built by people that have their cabinets setup in different orientations (some windows portrait, some landscape) you may also need to change the FS settings for a particular table. Have Backdrop and Option pressed and then adjust the FS settings if needed. Usually XY Rotation is 270 for people with landscape playfield, and 0 for people with portrait playfield (again that's if windows desktop is setup portrait or landscape).
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