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  1. "An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 236, position 25." I'm running VP990, cabinet FS dual monitor. What's interesting is the "Beer Mod" plays just fine, but the original doesn't. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Forgot about that thread, thanks for the reminder! Swapped the rom out, changed the table script and now it works the way it should!
  3. That finally worked! Changed the Rom name in the table script and now single pinball awesomeness. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Is anyone else having the game kick 2 balls into the launch lane every time? It's kind of driving me nuts as this is a pretty sweet table otherwise! Any settings I can modify to fix the issue? If I remove a ball the game will not start at all and says pinball missing. I added the... bsTrough.InitKick BallRelease, 90, 8 ...after looking at the Avatar code. It still didn't work. The ball/trough code looks like this:
  5. Is there an animated graphic like that for PinballX? You could put it to display as the "nodmd" or "nobackglass" image during attract mode.
  6. I finally got Avengers working today (had to rename the ROM folder, plus the actual .bin code inside), and I too get the double ball kickout at game start, and after each ball drain. Only game that does it thus far.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to the table authors for building this one. Living in the northern wasteland, we don't get new pins here anymore. Thank you !
  8. I had some active backglass tables on my cabinet before and I thought they were B2S units, but maybe not. I'll double check and update as necessary. Thanks for the help!
  9. Are the "LE" rom versions renamed as "h"? For example, in the Zip file TRN_LE_english.zip, contains TRN_174LE.BIN. Should the zip be renamed trn_174h.zip?
  10. Thanks for the tutorial! I have a related question. When I test the sam table rom in vpinmame, it works just fine. When I attempt to run the table it belongs to, I get ALL sorts of fail. Error messages include... "Can't load VPinMAME. ActiveX component can't create object." VPinmame ver 01560000 required. "sam.VBS ver 3.1 or higher required." And then I get a controller failure in the table script. According to the VPinMAME About me screen I'm running v2.5! I have the sam.vbs from here, is it out of date for the table I'm trying to run? Any help or suggestions of threads to read would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!
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