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  1. Just sent you a couple of beers arngrim please set your account up groni so I can do the same.
  2. Same thing happened to me and also a friend, what fixed it was making sure that the main screen and the dmd are on the same graphics card. The back box picture can be on another graphics card. Everything now works perfect with no stutter. Using an i3
  3. Sorry for asking but it is now the most popular topic lol And the top man has given us a teaser All we need is a sarcastic comment from randr and the night is complete
  4. lol haven't gone to bed yet
  5. Wow thanks, that is all I asked for, people can do it, hope to follow your progress wherever I may find you, thanks mate for all your tables keep up the good work and whatever happens there is only a few great table authers and you will be forever one of the greats, bloody hell there is still some nice people in this community, hang on most of the latest and great tables have been by this guy, keep it up mate, thank you
  6. Dazz you must have panicked then for a minute, a new guy has come on the forum but don't worry job done I won't be back thanks for the sarcasam, you can settle back and relax again.
  7. You seem to think that I am desperate for a table release I am not I am just interested in how long it takes for a pinball table to be made into a virtual pinball table, do people take a brand new pinball and take the whole thing to bits for us virtual guys too take photos anyway last post from me sorry guys, keep it up lol
  8. No sorry I was just asking if any of the top table guys had started making it as, it's so new that images etc must be hard too come by, anyway never mind and thank you for everything you have done , your tables have made me and my friends very happy keep up the good work. Sorry but you have lots of members and it's always the same few that answer posts maybe this is the reason why, they all take the piss out of anyone new, anyway I have said my bit lets go back to hearing from randr and the gang.
  9. Oh ok sorry for my bad English, I am French didn't expect all the sarcasm, I am new to asking questions on this forum, but will think twice again, dazz I thought this site may be different to the other forum that just takes the piss out of new members, but again sorry, anyway thank you for the table authors, I love what you do for my cabinet, I will shut up from now on. Keep up the good work
  10. I know we won't be seeing this for a long time but has anybody started working on this, I'm sure some of the top top table authors must be tempted.
  11. Watching the video it looks like the playfield slopes the wrong way, enough to make anyone's eyes go funny
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