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  1. Ok I updated both 2 and 3 scr to get rid of the dmd image 😎
  2. I cant believe everybody missed that ,,,, The quickest way to get rid of it put it in the editor make sure your looking at the dmd image then goto image / resize tab then resize it to 1x1 pixel then save your file... don't know why its even in there at all . will update it when I get some time
  3. View File Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (Bally 1982) Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (Bally 1982) better rez used Stats BG outline ..Thanks Submitter Wildman Submitted 04/16/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (Bally 1982) better rez used Stats BG outline ..Thanks
  5. Nice work 👍 I love animated shit 😎
  6. View File Judas Priest (Siggi 2019) Judas Priest (Siggi 2019) For the Judas Priest mod table by Siggi Submitter Wildman Submitted 04/06/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Judas Priest (Siggi 2019) For the Judas Priest mod table by Siggi
  8. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3953-aerosmith/?do=findComment&comment=43057
  9. Sure would be great so start building both of those tables that you mentioned in your 1st 2 posts. Then they will be ready when vp13 comes out maybe. Dont worry you have a lot of time to build them and make them perfect .. but if you want to play them now you should go out and buy the real machines instead .....Newbie.. 😒
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Ice Fever playfield and plastics
  11. New grill .... Thanks to roccodimarco for the update
    nice job editoy looks great man 👍 you still like using them homemade digits why do you not just use the dream7 leds??? easy fast and more realistic IMO....?
  12. ya man its needs real updating and you got the resources and skills to do it 👍 answer to your comment is you are running the wrong rom is why you see the scores fucked up that table was built with (spiderm7) rom... and the next answer you will get is yup the number to match dont work either never has its a rom issue.. probably needs a new rom dump you should pm destruk over at VPF..? about updating that rom.......... Thanks BD
  13. ahh memories... Too bad you cant download them 😥
  14. Wildman

    Tom Tower

    Hey guys by any chance does anybody have any contact info for Tom Tower? or if Tom is here somewhere can you pm me Tom ? Thanks
  15. Brad from VP CABS got a incredible find man just happened to see this video on YT.....Lucky bastard lol 👍 looks like he has a nice shop there too...cool shit 😎
  16. New Hi Rez Scan total new rebuild.... used Blacksads grill way better then what i had 😉 another new flasher technique tell me what you think of it ???
  17. DJRobX for some reason cant pm you ...so here... hey thanks....on a side note I talked to stefan/ Herweh is back and he is thinking of updating the db2s proggy after he builds his new cab.. there is a lot of stuff that needs updating for sure lol ...so once again thanks for the update will keep in touch cause have to update a ton of BG's to hi rez as i get them.. i been making them in vp9 cause of those issues in vpx i thought it was me ..
  18. Your like a VP GOD lol...man it works perfect ... so it wasn't me ? yea runs smooth sols are functioning like they should be..👍 glad you chimed in was driving me nuts........now are you able to implement it in to the final code so nobody else has these issues?? and THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
  19. Thanks in advanced DJRobX......so i went back to 1303.....lets see what you see.....
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