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  1. new Hi Rez pic thanks to Tom.. 2 versions regular flavor or DADS ROOTBEER Enjoy...
  2. still no luck Stat? try looking at the cyclone code.. I dont understand the 1,1 for start. wouldnt you give it a command to call for the trigger , like the name of the snippit disk as you already have it set to rotate in the editor right? I will take a closer look at it in a little bit.
  3. this one is out there too 😉 http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5058-wildmans-light-tester/
  4. LOL your hooked on bowlers 😄 👍 Nice job Stat......
  5. It dont work like that your wasting your time asking.. Every machine and computer are different it wont work for 1.. 2 dont make that your 1st post looking for a easy fix or setup nobody will help you that way... 3 If you dont learn it yourself your just wasting your time and anybody else's time you need to learn how to change or config the table to your computer and setup ,every game will need to be tweaked one way or another...one size dont fit all here...😎 Search the forum here and other sites all the setup questions have been answered.. start with the all in 1 installer then go from there,then asked questions thats the only way you will get setup right..😉
  6. No THANK YOU 👍😎
  7. 97% of the pics used to make the db2s files are not high enough rez for printing that size for a backglass.. you need to get a hi rez scan for that 😎
  8. Version 1.0.0


    League Champ Bowler ... took a long time to find a good pic to work with but finally found one.
  9. View File League Champ (Williams 1996) League Champ Bowler ... took a long time to find a good pic to work with but finally found one. Submitter Wildman Submitted 08/08/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
  10. they only flash when you hit the right flasher, you can go into the editor and change them to be as flashy as you want ...but they do work wait till after the match number at the end of game and you will see them flash..
  11. Funny things is im 56 and 1st time it happened and it will probably never happen again.... THE WRATH OF GOD 🖕 LOL
  12. LOL if it wasnt for bad luck I have no luck at all !!!! Sound familiar ? Saturday storm came through and lightning bolt hit pole outside of my house frying a good amount of electronics, 2 tv's , modem ,router, camera system, tv tuner, NVIDIA shield, computer, stereo , projector, ETC....... fuckin sucks probably 4k of shit 😪 I know i wanted to upgrade some of my stuff but not all at once LMFAO AND NO i learned surge protectors do not stop lightning bolts ... if your worried about your stuff then unplug all your shit when a storm hits its a pain in the ass but way cheaper 👍 anyways finally back online after draining the bank account, guess have to beg for some overtime for awhile 😭 LESSON LEARNED THE HARD WAY 😎
  13. yeah i built it to not have flashers in normal mode like the real pin... fantasy is flashers 😉
  14. theres a normal mode and a fantasy mode with flashers right click on the BG to change when you play the table
  15. View File Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) this is the movie backglass ...ENJOY 😎 Submitter Wildman Submitted 06/09/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Rocky (Gottlieb 1982) this is the movie backglass ...ENJOY 😎
  17. ok I see why now it looks like it was scripted to be a EM,, doesnt use the rom thats why no BG
  18. In the script Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") backglasses dont know versions ,vp9 needed these lines changed/ new vpx dont
  19. Wildman

    Hi everyone

    Welcome back Rosve 👍
  20. yeah i noticed that too.. everything else i run on d drive for instance works fine 😉
  21. Ok I updated both 2 and 3 scr to get rid of the dmd image 😎
  22. I cant believe everybody missed that ,,,, The quickest way to get rid of it put it in the editor make sure your looking at the dmd image then goto image / resize tab then resize it to 1x1 pixel then save your file... don't know why its even in there at all . will update it when I get some time
  23. View File Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (Bally 1982) Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (Bally 1982) better rez used Stats BG outline ..Thanks Submitter Wildman Submitted 04/16/2019 Category B2S Backglasses  
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