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  1. View File The Incredible Hulk (Gottlieb 1979) The Incredible Hulk (Gottlieb 1979) Submitter Wildman Submitted 04/06/2013 Category B2S Backglasses  
  2. View File Big Town (Playmatic 1978) Big Town (Playmatic 1978) Hi Rez Submitter Wildman Submitted 10/20/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Big Town (Playmatic 1978) Hi Rez
  4. View File Evil Fight ( Playmatic 1980) Evil Fight ( Playmatic 1980) Submitter Wildman Submitted 10/16/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
  5. probably around the 5 to 6 hundred mark... to tell you the truth I lost count a couple of yrs ago
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Evil Fight ( Playmatic 1980)
  7. Come on Guys i need some ideas and BG pics...Start Chalking......I mean Talking
  8. What Backglasses Still Need To Be Made ?

    LMAO you fuckin kiddin me...shove that crap up your ass!! Your 1st post is for alt shit for FX3 garbage... goto their websight and ask for that gayass shit there.. THIS IS VPX / VP WEBSIGHT ONLY THE BEST EMU OUT THERE!!!! Hit the road NEWBEEEEEE WTF LOL
  9. View File Pool Sharks(Bally 1990) Pool Sharks(Bally 1990) Submitter Wildman Submitted 06/11/2013 Category B2S Backglasses  
  10. [New B2S Alert] Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    Ok its done 2 and 3 scr Hi Rez Update.. Total Rebuild
  11. [New B2S Alert] Pool Sharks(Bally 1990)

    will be updating this BG in the next couple days to a higher rez
  12. View File Black Fever ( Playmatic 1980) Black Fever ( Playmatic 1980) Submitter Wildman Submitted 09/29/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
  13. I just made it ...No table that I know of
  14. View File Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980) Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980) Hi Rez Submitter Wildman Submitted 10/02/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
  15. Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980)

    Version 1.0.0


    Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980) Hi Rez
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Black Fever ( Playmatic 1980)
  17. View File Sultan (Taito1979) Sultan (Taito1979) Hi Rez Pic From Akiles Submitter Wildman Submitted 09/03/2018 Category B2S Backglasses  
  18. Sultan (Taito1979)

    Version 1.0.0


    Sultan (Taito1979) Hi Rez Pic From Akiles
  19. CHILL OUT !! The author made a choice to take his work down. He is not obligated to you or anybody else to upload his work or answer a post cause your stamping your feet like a little kid.. YOUR NOT GETTING IT>>>IF YOU DONT LIKE IT TOUGH !!! If you dont like the policy or the rules go somewhere else Newbie
  20. [New B2S Alert] Sultan (Taito 1979)

    I am a little confused with the Bally rom thing.....What bally rom are you using ? I bet the Gottlieb Rom would work better
  21. View File RollerGames (Williams 1990) RollerGames (Williams 1990) Hi Rez 2scr 3scr Submitter Wildman Submitted 02/12/2017 Category B2S Backglasses  
  22. [New B2S Alert] RollerGames (Williams 1990)

    Total rebuild.. Hi rez scan
  23. View File Gemini 2000 (Taito 1982) Gemini 2000 (Taito 1982) Submitter Wildman Submitted 11/18/2017 Category B2S Backglasses