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  1. yea it sucks lol.....you might have to rebuild the whole thing again if you changed any sizes on  my BG....if just the wheel image is changed and not the size of it it should still work ..

    as for the z order nightmare..http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3164-b2s-designer-layer-order-z-order/?do=findComment&comment=35243

    if you got it running smooth and right  cool, I can help with the rest if you want as far as rebuilding  it ...cause after you read that post you might not want to do it lol :)

    basically if have to do the snippet order all over again in the correct steps....IT SUCKS......but if your up for the challenge I will send you the other snippits B)

    Good luck should you accept this mission graphics-3d-smileys-946998.gif

  2. ok now I'm getting lost on how you can change settings with a text editor.....ok and I see how it reverts back to 90 default

    @ sliderpoint  there is no using my snippets you can del mine and import your own


    unless you can change the code I don't see the point?..

    westworld send me the code if you  can please and whatever else you think I should need thanksl

    now I have to look lol....