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  1. B2S snippit steps change request

    that is cool i will try it...so if that works why do you need to re import the snippit? and what ones you need i still have all of them..
  2. B2S snippit steps change request

    ok now I'm getting lost on how you can change settings with a text editor.....ok and I see how it reverts back to 90 default @ sliderpoint there is no using my snippets you can del mine and import your own unless you can change the code I don't see the point?.. westworld send me the code if you can please and whatever else you think I should need thanksl now I have to look lol....
  3. B2S snippit steps change request

    The designer limits the steps to 90. There is a formula to figure out the steps when I ask Herweh along time ago but only needed to do it on a couple of bgs Lol but I never figured it out.. I don't know if you can up it in the software .
  4. What to do ?? choices choices ....lions ,tigers or bears oh my
  5. lol I just finished hi rez BG last week just been so busy haven't uploaded it yet...maybe tomorrow sometime..... EDIT... OK New BG is up http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2165-fathom-bally-1981/
  6. [New B2S Alert] Solar Ride (Gottlieb 1979)

    Nice BG ... Between you and hauntfreaks you guys are gonna put me out of business .....and I don't mind Bout time others finally got bitten by the B2S bug and are making some real nice BGs..
  7. works fine here......and great job on BG chucky,,,nice hi rez pic
  8. [New B2S Alert] Hot Shots (Gottlieb 1989)

    ya the 9 or so gottpremer pins were lame lol......but .they are there forever lol .......Thanks
  9. STATs_Burli.jpg

    All the pussy jokes that start coming to mind.....
  10. Thank god the guys that made VPX gave you the power to make it anyway you want it...you can change all to suit your taste graphic wise and physics wise then you wouldn't have to rag the poor guy that tried to make a cool table...you only have yourself to blame for a shitty mod... your 1st post like that again will get you about 200 guys pouncing on your ass for such a stupid post....you will see, rag another authors table hell maybe I'm wrong...lol I'm sure some other will chime in LOL....... I IMPLORE you to smartin up and if you don't like it fix it yourself.....Fuckin tard....unbelievable
  11. View File The Avengers LE (Stern 2012)ALT The Avengers LE (Stern 2012)ALT hi rez Submitter Wildman Submitted 08/06/2017 Category B2S Backglasses  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    The Avengers LE (Stern 2012)ALT hi rez
  13. [New B2S Alert] Hot Shots (Gottlieb 1989)

    LOL that kid cracks me up.. he's really a midget ..the goofy look kills me, he sure isn't looking for quarter to play the game