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  1. yes its fixed had to adjust the screen rez txt
  2. New rebuild. better rez pic and updated lighting
  3. updated to Hi Rez and better lighting.. Thanks to blawicki for the new pic.
  4. made to original. cleaned up pic a bit . no more blinky blinky
  5. made to original no blinky blinky got rid of the red line and updated the lighting..😎
  6. Wildman


    HUH? what can ya say about this LMFAO...
  7. New Rebuild Hi Rez Pic 2 and 3 screen Enjoy😎
  8. probably tommorow i will update my BG with better lighting and flashers😉
  9. whenever you use scoring in the dmd area you always need to make 2 separate backglasses because you are using the same number score leds you cant add say a 3 and 4 has to be 1 and 2 do you know what i mean by that?
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