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  1. it all depends on what you are making.. Is it a em or ss backglass? em only shows ids.. ss will show you all the other options you just need the light ids to make them work,, em backglasses require making script changes in the table with ids and is alot harder to make if you dont know about the coding like me lol...
  2. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/tutorials/ All SET.....
  3. HUH... never noticed the tut section is gone..I will get a hold of Dazz and see whats up.. I just noticed a double section in the forums list too....
  4. Thanks to cyberpez new light ids from real machine.... AUTHENTIC LIGHTING UPDATE...
  5. those options are there to choose from,play till end or play to beginning,and a couple more... default it will play it till the end then stop then when called again it will start from the beginning . second question i never tried it but i would say yes just as long as the name of the light stays the rom controlled name i dont see why you cant control it from the rom and still call it from a animation too..if not you can just make 2 separate lights in the same spot no one could tell the difference.. hope that helps.....😉
  6. Damm you been busy lol... I love this BG came out great way better then the original 👍
  7. un GRAND MERCI pour tout ce que vous faite pour nous 😄

  8. Hey my friend.. if you wish... i have some HIGH Resolution Scans for some backglasses to do b2s.... 
    email me strangeleo7@gmail.com....  if you wish


  9. this file is not updated its reuploaded
  10. no change.. it was lost when dazz made changes to the site so i had to reupload it.. sorry for the confusion ..
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Rez This is a updated BG that 32A had.. he had the EM version and i rebuilt it to the SS version of the BG .... ENJOY .....
  12. View File Pinball By Stern (Stern 1977) Hi Rez This is a updated BG that 32A had.. he had the EM version and i rebuilt it to the SS version of the BG .... ENJOY ..... Submitter Wildman Submitted 05/23/2020 Category B2S Backglasses  
  13. I just downloaded it and ran it works fine... try downloading it again
  14. Thats just the size i happend to make them if you want them a different size you can dload the designer program and make them whatever size you want ,change the color, make it to your liking 😉
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