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  1. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    Well seeing i dont use dof 😥I guess we can cross that one off LOL.... been so busy last couple yrs makin BG's my cab is old tech someday I have alot of updating to do anyways i think its something in the script seeing outhere is seeing the same thing i am ...this is the only vpx table i have seen this on so far all others seem fine..I changed the rom and still see the same issue,, different versions of vpx same issues....like i said im down to the table script...vp9 runs perfect on a side note when i do update i know who i will be pm'ing the shit out of LOL !!!
  2. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    now thats how its supposed to look ..
  3. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    👍 you will see a big difference 😉 I think that nobody noticed it cause they think that how the bg was made... I can tell you for a fact it is not lol....😎
  4. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    OK had to contact the big guy fuzzel see if he can shed some light in the issue 🙄
  5. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    You shouldnt see all those solenoids light up.. no error pops up on you ? I never seen that on any other table with Dof .. those lights are only showing the rom calls I shouldnt see any Dof related stuff.. you should only see up to 28 solenoids for that table.. when you run the bg you will notice all the flashers not working right 😉
  6. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    yea defiantly the table I just tried it with my existing BG and it flakes out.... puzzles me why nobody else has had this issue... maybe its just me ???
  7. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    yea cause in my light tester it lights up all 100 sol lights that i have...thats when i new something was wrong 😉 and yea it would drive your cabs nuts ..unless its just a db2s issue ?
  8. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

  9. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    ok after some testing it seems to be the table that is the issue.. other vpx tables are fine it has something to do with the solenoids , it lights all of them up..so say if i made a bg with flashers they will flash all the time then crash.. I can make it with the vpt version but i dont think it will work with the vpx version,,to bad 😪 its a nice HI REZ SCAN I will build it anyways and maybe somebody can figure out whats wrong ..
  10. Wildman

    can anybody test this file

    ok the force full screen did the trick for the rom error.. THANKS but i went back to 1301 backglass server and it did work fine in vpt but not in vpx.. and i am running 10.6 beta so something is broke somewhere in vpx im thinking.. will try different versions later when i get home from work...Thanks for the help so far guys
  11. can anybody test my bg light tester for some reason its crashing all of a sudden in vpt and vpx ...Im like wtf? trying to figure out what my issue is.. and im getting this when i run cftbl rom in vpx it works fine in vpt.... probably missing something simple ?? so why i asking lol .... working on hi rez scan of cftbl db2s and i cant run it WTF I say agian 😣 wildmans light tester.directb2s
  12. Wildman

    Johnny Mnemonic(Williams 1995)

    I don't but maybe somebody else has it....
  13. Wildman

    Congo (Williams 1985)

  14. Thanks for the fix..... i thought i missed some new version of the designer 😉 on a side note nice job 😎