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  1. Thanks So much!! I was using 1.1....Working Flawless now!!
  2. Im having a "variable is undefined leftbatshadow" error on line 516 after copying the code - any ideas?
  3. Hey guys - TRYING to get colored roms working, and although im close - they stutter big time and prevent the game from being playable. Mind you, these games run FLAWLESSLY without the external DMD enabled. I have the current dll and ini files in BOTH the windows/sysWOW folder and my pinmame. Ive tried them in JUST the pinmame folder with the same results. All files are unblocked as well. Is there any other files I need to install from the dmdtext.zip folder? It just doesn't make sense that this causes THAT big of a system drain.... I've tried to google all the setup guides I could find and tried to install as they have stated. Is there a known best one to use? Thanks!
  4. Whats this GOOGLE you speak of???? I wasnt sure if it was something to do with the PROC, or PINBALLX or VPX - I guess Ill do some research.
  5. I hate to sound dumb but what is an AHK and where is it located to input that text?
  6. This didnt work for me - just locks up on the loading screen.
  7. I get where the first part of the code goes (in pinballx), but where does the PROC2 code go? which file gets amended?
  8. Sorry - I have been away for a bit and havent checked yet - which ini files? I downloaded the latest ones from the config tool... I just downloaded your table - must have missed that - now it seems all works as it should - Thanks! Now I just have to figure out how to load it from pinballx and get rid of the loading error. - oh and get my analog plunger working...
  9. I just installed and ran the DOF - Works, however seems like my right flipper button is working my left contacter - left flipper isnt actuating anything... not sure if theres other solenoids not working. undercab and flipper lights working ok. Everything works fine and normal in other tables.
  10. figured id ask again if DOF works with this yet....
  11. Im getting a runtime error - once I click it the table works fine. How do I get rid of it?
  12. Cool - Wasnt sure if Dozers new VPX table he mentioned will follow the same procedure for install. I guess Ill get started on your guide in vp9 and "upgrade" when he releases his table.
  13. Can't wait!!So....being VPX...which install guide do I use when this table is ready? So many guides listed in the last 13 pages I just want to use the correct one...when the time is right. Thanks all for all your hard work on this! Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
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