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  1. I was trying to just be nice and respect jp if I wanted to be a dick I would have said remove the table because it was my NM. I didnt come here to say take it down i always come here to download new tables and the only reason i havent posted any tables here is because of jp's request.Dont try to stir up something.. just enjoy the table
  2. That's fine if you have already talked to JP I was just stating what he posted in his post and I respect that...
  3. Not to be rude but might want to remove this as JP asked to not mod his tables and post on other sites and he has done way to much for VP not to respect his wishes.. jpsalas: All my tables are free to mod as long as they are uploaded to this site (VPForums). You also may use any graphics, sounds or script you may need for your own tables.
  4. Yea VP is now better than ever and I havent seen anyone that couldent get it working after some help of other people.. Alot might have changed so dont be scared to ask for a little help. Might be alot simpler than you think.
  5. So are you still working on this one.. Or you going to finish it after BoP?
  6. right click on dmd go to game settings..
  7. I think I added a grill.. you can check to make sure..
  8. yea if you do you might want to use mine or look at it.. I had to move/change a few lights so they dont mess up flashing on iceman.. Thanks again for the great table!
  9. Are you running dx9Test3? Looks and runs great!
  10. I have a few more things I want to do and I will try to finish them tonight after work then 85vett can do what he wants with it so really up to him.. but I like it
  11. 1st of all I want to say awesome job on this table I have really enjoyed playing it! 2nd I did a few model updates if you are interested...
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