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  1. Hi. In my Getaway, after switching to the menu mode, the image on Pin2DMD changes with a delay, only after 5-6 seconds, version 4.00
  2. In my opinion, this is a hardware problem, I have assembled five EVO boards myself and they all work without a problem.
  3. I can't deal with colors in STNNG, the latest version of PIN2DMD (3.13), ROM L7 and still the colors do not match those created by slippifishi, on other machines where I have PIN2DMD works well.
  4. depending on the country, there are different duty rates, how do we know how it is in your country ??
  5. Unfortunately, despite several attempts to contact Dominik did not answer :/
  6. place an order like in a lucky1 movie and wait patiently for an email with a quote for the whole.
  7. Try to pull the tape cables and put them back in, it helped me, I had the same problem
  8. as soon as I turn the 5V power on and off several times, a blurred image appears on the display and from time to time the image with PIN2DMD appears briefly
  9. there is progress, the red led is on, there is nothing on the display
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