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  1. I also have the same opinion, I tried to do it for the Lord of the Rings and ... I bought ColorDmd 😁
  2. It looks great 👍 , is this a version only on vpin ?? or also real ??
  3. two DUMP files, from LOTR. If anyone would be interested in coloring all scenes, I can do such a file. 161118_211757_pin2dmd_dump.txt.gz 141118_215056_pin2dmd_dump.txt.gz
  4. I would be grateful if someone posted a photo of the control board without the display mounted
  5. Is the controller board, apart from the software, different in construction to stern, williams etc. ?? Thank you
  6. great job Lucky, I have a question on how to download an eagle file from github ?? and the second question, how to program the device ??
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