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  1. I'd like to clarrify some of the items in the LEDBlinky configuration... Download LEDBlinky from here: http://ledblinky.net/Download.htm 1) You do not need to purchase LEDBlinky to use the audio animation features. The app is fully functional without registration but it will display a splash screen at startup. Also, the non-registered version can only create short animations. 9) Typo: LEDBlinky board should read LED Controller board. 11) For the Port Label you can select from the list OR type any value you want. I would suggest using labels that make sense such as "Flasher 1", "Flasher 2", etc. 13) When using LEDBlinky only for audio animations, you do not need to assign any input codes to the ports. 15) If you attempt to close the app without saving first, a warning will be displayed giving you the option to save. One other thought; I would suggest creating your input map first (steps 9 - 16) - run GenLEDBlinkyInputMap.exe. Then use LEDBlinkyConfig.exe for the rest of the configuration (steps 1 - 6 and 17 - 19). Hope this helps!
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