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  1. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    @Aetios , Thank you for helping. I got ledwiz dof configured. It's working now. And I'm going to try Doflinx with tables that I've download from TerryRed. I'll post results soon.
  2. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    HI pinball lovers, Thanks to cyclemat for sharing the ledwiz clone, and for all members for posting the troubles/solutions. I got a ledwiz clone 2560 working and tested with "ledwiz87.exe" software. It works pefectly, indeed, oly works on PinballX. When load Future pinball the ledwiz become quiet, when back to Pinballx works again. I have trying copying the dll's to future pinball path, tables path.... nothing works. Could someone give help?
  3. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Hello cyclemat ! Congratulation for the job. Please I need some help to put my LWclone to work.. I write the all firmware to mega2560, when test app is runing the arduino led(13) is on and ID:4 is showed. I Put these files into Hyperpin directory: FPLaunch.exe HPLedControl.exe HPLedControl.ini And these files into VP Tables directory: core.vbs ledcontrol.ini ledcontrol.vbs ledwizm05.ocx But I get an error on VisualPinball open. I try to Regsvr32 to file ledwizm05.ocx and get an error. The path for the file is correct: Regsvr32 C:\Games\Visual Pinball\Tables\ledwizm05.ocx. On devices appear: LWCloneU2 v1.0 ps. Windows 7 64bits. Thanks, Maurilio.