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  1. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Hello cyclemat ! Congratulation for the job. Please I need some help to put my LWclone to work.. I write the all firmware to mega2560, when test app is runing the arduino led(13) is on and ID:4 is showed. I Put these files into Hyperpin directory: FPLaunch.exe HPLedControl.exe HPLedControl.ini And these files into VP Tables directory: core.vbs ledcontrol.ini ledcontrol.vbs ledwizm05.ocx But I get an error on VisualPinball open. I try to Regsvr32 to file ledwizm05.ocx and get an error. The path for the file is correct: Regsvr32 C:\Games\Visual Pinball\Tables\ledwizm05.ocx. On devices appear: LWCloneU2 v1.0 ps. Windows 7 64bits. Thanks, Maurilio.