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  1. hi guys ;) a new toy FIRE FAN :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLimmujELDk
  2. working for me I FORGOT the dmddevice.dll Iam not goooood !!! arf iam so sorry
  3. i was in github i found the older only 2.41 and older then 2.41 not the 2.42 i do not use palette file orange i only donwload latest version, 2.49 pin.dmd.pal in which folder I have to copy v2.49 v.2.49 v2.49 and look at the VE 2.41 is better for me : this orange is better then the one of v2.49 then, now i have only probleme for displaying ultra dmd and pinballx to pin2dmd, I did what you did to copy and paste the dll but it does not work dllc opied still not working ultradmd and pinballx
  4. OkAY. I do not like thé version 2.49 cause orange is sô dark and sentence please Where I can download thé pin2dmd-Master 2.42 I need to upgrade from 2.49 to 2.42 this firm working great for me : Pin2DMD :Firmware : v2.42 du 11/09/17 Changelog: - Fix missing connection from pinball input P3 to RN2. - Cosmetics in the schematics by UncleSash
  5. Hi I have windows 10 64 pin2dmd latest firm 2.42. activated I can display all my vpx to my pin2dmd but i do not see pinballx or ultradmd ! any photos tutorial please thanks EDIT BIG probleme; I update to new firm 2.48 and now pin2dmd not activated???? and when i click to pin.dmd a message that not the good firmware please upgrade lol what the probleme @lucky1 thanks EDIT its okay I must change to the stlink the firmware to : C:\Users\Shaky\Desktop\PIN2DMD-master\firmware\latest\V3 STM32F4 DISCOVERY and not C:\Users\Shaky\Desktop\PIN2DMD-master\firmware\latest thank but now two probleme: 01- after switching to version 2.49 but on pin2dmd.exe its 2.48 why the table became a dark orange sentence? 02- I can display all my vpx to my pin2dmd but i do not see pinballx or ultradmd ! any photos tutorial please thanks
  6. Yes lucky1 I think I found the problem now its work I reinstall st32 I reinstall pin2dmd driver now its work !!!!
  7. I use the instructions of : http://pin2dmd.com/installation/ no way if I Re instal the ST32 and the Pin2dmd driver, shall I activate the pin2dmd with a second keyfiles and ask lucky for a second key file to re activate?
  8. Hi guys Got problem with pin2dmd after I install the pin2dmd and ST32 I try to do a rom test to see if it works (vpinmame) test but it does not always work got alwaus message ( pin2dmd not found) but pin2dmd installed I can change colors directly with the tool of pindmd! I have forgotten something? here are some pictures but it's in french sorry! thank you to all of you
  9. Hi guys what's the ideal engine for making a homemade shaker ? And parts to buy on eBay please . I am looking for a good alternative to a 12V DC motor but I do not know which to choose. and the Inverter Controller Regulator Speed ​​Voltage,The flyweights also Thank you
  10. Hiits okay for me I sent a paypal and email and adresse
  11. can you replay me please i asked for V2 complete DMD with testing and the delivery delay thx
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