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  1. cannot display ultraDMD and pinDMD to my pin2dmd

    working for me I FORGOT the dmddevice.dll Iam not goooood !!! arf iam so sorry
  2. cannot display ultraDMD and pinDMD to my pin2dmd

    i was in github i found the older only 2.41 and older then 2.41 not the 2.42 i do not use palette file orange i only donwload latest version, 2.49 pin.dmd.pal in which folder I have to copy v2.49 v.2.49 v2.49 and look at the VE 2.41 is better for me : this orange is better then the one of v2.49 then, now i have only probleme for displaying ultra dmd and pinballx to pin2dmd, I did what you did to copy and paste the dll but it does not work dllc opied still not working ultradmd and pinballx
  3. cannot display ultraDMD and pinDMD to my pin2dmd

    OkAY. I do not like thé version 2.49 cause orange is sô dark and sentence please Where I can download thé pin2dmd-Master 2.42 I need to upgrade from 2.49 to 2.42 this firm working great for me : Pin2DMD :Firmware : v2.42 du 11/09/17 Changelog: - Fix missing connection from pinball input P3 to RN2. - Cosmetics in the schematics by UncleSash
  4. Hi I have windows 10 64 pin2dmd latest firm 2.42. activated I can display all my vpx to my pin2dmd but i do not see pinballx or ultradmd ! any photos tutorial please thanks EDIT BIG probleme; I update to new firm 2.48 and now pin2dmd not activated???? and when i click to pin.dmd a message that not the good firmware please upgrade lol what the probleme @lucky1 thanks EDIT its okay I must change to the stlink the firmware to : C:\Users\Shaky\Desktop\PIN2DMD-master\firmware\latest\V3 STM32F4 DISCOVERY and not C:\Users\Shaky\Desktop\PIN2DMD-master\firmware\latest thank but now two probleme: 01- after switching to version 2.49 but on pin2dmd.exe its 2.48 why the table became a dark orange sentence? 02- I can display all my vpx to my pin2dmd but i do not see pinballx or ultradmd ! any photos tutorial please thanks
  5. pin2dmd not found

    Yes lucky1 I think I found the problem now its work I reinstall st32 I reinstall pin2dmd driver now its work !!!!
  6. pin2dmd not found

    I use the instructions of : http://pin2dmd.com/installation/ no way if I Re instal the ST32 and the Pin2dmd driver, shall I activate the pin2dmd with a second keyfiles and ask lucky for a second key file to re activate?
  7. pin2dmd not found

    Hi guys Got problem with pin2dmd after I install the pin2dmd and ST32 I try to do a rom test to see if it works (vpinmame) test but it does not always work got alwaus message ( pin2dmd not found) but pin2dmd installed I can change colors directly with the tool of pindmd! I have forgotten something? here are some pictures but it's in french sorry! thank you to all of you
  8. Help Build Shaker Moteur

    Hi guys what's the ideal engine for making a homemade shaker ? And parts to buy on eBay please . I am looking for a good alternative to a 12V DC motor but I do not know which to choose. and the Inverter Controller Regulator Speed ​​Voltage,The flyweights also Thank you
  9. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    Hiits okay for me I sent a paypal and email and adresse
  10. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    cool then waiting for you replay me thanks
  11. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    hi Iam waiting your email PM still waiting
  12. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    can you replay me please i asked for V2 complete DMD with testing and the delivery delay thx
  13. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    You have 1589 Mails lol and PM
  14. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    hi RappelBox can you replay me please PM
  15. Pin2Dmd Order thread

    the french are good buyers !!