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  1. Me to don't remember last time i was on forums, i played pinball for new year and this month had some parties for kids so pinball is in again then found some neighbors that like pinball ...
  2. TT has bought a new cab with 150 tables preinstalled (not very legal) but obviously not correctly. I hope you didn't pay to much for tables cause you have a loooot of work to configure them all - installing some sort of active backglasses, setting replay levels, number of balls, configuring dip switches, configuring front end, installing instructions, flyer and replay level images, putting dmd to right location, setting layback, ...
  3. there's no way to increase that one
  4. it is 96% of the screen width, or 80% of screen height (so that blue text is visible) maybe you are looking at flyer from hyperpin? That one is small but it's not controlled from fplaunch
  5. What is latest version of hyperpin??? There is only one version - 1.0 from 01-25-2012 So what did you install - hyperpin from 2012, or hyperpin from 4/6/2013???
  6. it is almost full screen
  7. I've tested it on few gottlieb tables - it work great - tnx dna!!!
  8. it's ok if it works - but why change fploader to future pinball - there is line - exe - you can put fploader there? is it because exit doesn't work then?
  9. you need ahk_L ansi version to compile - it won't compile with basic any more you could also define fploader as your fp exe in settings.ini?
  10. modding rules have been changed over time on current vpf it is not allowed to mod anything without permission, ever, even after three years however on old vpf there was some agreement to try to contact person through forums, mails, pm's and if person doesn't reply in a month or two or three (don't remember but much less then three years) every table was free to mod
  11. can't tell you that - don't have pbw, and i think i can't emulate that with gamepad right, cause you said when pbw buttons are overwriten exit button behaves different, i guess gamepad also acts different? but i know people reported that problem - uvp tables crash with pbw on long press
  12. uf, great! i was affraid there will be millions of questions any luck finding why vp crashes when editor is closed with while vp pause menu is active? or why long press on joy8 on pbw crashes tables with uvp? (these are two different problems)
  13. That is really great! I usually say change esc to e cause esc is hardcoded in vp, now e is also "hardcoded", well not really hardcoded but it is there by default - so it will make problems for all new users that don't know what to do with it. And of course all questions will be fplaunch is not working!
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