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  1. hi Hanibal, late feedback (if it was not already said somewhere else) having this pinball home, a small prob when ball is launched from shooterlane : in case you choose for X MULTIPLIER (or when MULTIBALL began), new balls should came in the 3 upper lanes, not in the high scoop (there's a pop up there to open/close the way, to than go or not in the lanes, or in the scoop) not a big deal, but...
  2. what for ? as we can't emulate spike at the moment (or i have missed something)
  3. seems it was not related, but PM5 got a small bug, as when launching the ball at the 2 uppers lanes, the ball goes thrue and came back in the left lane, this should not, its not "open" there going that way but well the other way easy home correction (added a gate)
  4. got the same error (on win7), will try as said above...
  5. yep, just playing the table few minutes ago and had forgotten this "error", and of course it happends again, for me when ball was going to the open toilet just before launching the MB...
  6. sound strange and quite illogical !? could be interesting when someone will found WHY...
  7. i personaly didnt like the "duo" idea BUT a big bravo for the job here, and the most important, you just did it the way you like it, and its the most important of course well done !
  8. to Fren & Rascal : not sure is this was pointed already, but my son told me that the RED bumper is missing in the script (its "working" on the table but without doing nothing for the game)
  9. than, just use VP9, its great for sure...
  10. replaced in DT, works like a charm, tanx
  11. a big tanx for the VP9 version
  12. just to say, my MET is gone, swaped with TF... even if its not the same "level" (i know it before), i love it, it has more to offer than what i was expecting a very good (underated) pinball
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