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  1. kingwizard

    King Kong - Data East - 1990 - Wip

    The reason why I'm doing this is because I tried running VPX on my fastest computer which is a Pentium T4400 at 2.2 ghz with 3 gigs of ram and integrated graphics, and it ran choppy even when I turned it to the lowest setting. I'm only able to go up to Physmod5 at the maximum with graphics adjusted to the lowest settings.
  2. kingwizard

    King Kong - Data East - 1990 - Wip

    I'm working on a King Kong - Visual Pinball Physmod5 recreation table myself. I started by testing the King Kong rom on Back To The Future, and started building it from there. Surprisingly, I got the steep ramp to work by setting elasticity to zero (0) and the flippers to roughly 8,500 to 10,000 depending on gravity constant. All ramps I set to zero (0) for elasticity to make it easier.
  3. kingwizard

    Scripting Backwall Lights For Potc

    I named the flasher "FlasherName" & named the light "LightName." Still, getting errors. I don't know what I am doing, I am only using 1 flasher and 1 light.
  4. kingwizard

    Scripting Backwall Lights For Potc

    I'm new to working with Flashers as well. What I am wondering is how do I script this in Visual Pinball Physmod5? When I try to do it I get a error on Line 72 saying Object doesn't support this property or method. "FlasherName Visible. This is what I have for the flasher demo in the Visual Pinball Physmod5 table script. 'Flahser Controlled by lights Sub LSample_Timer() FlasherName.visible = LightName.state End Sub
  5. kingwizard

    Metallica Release Date

    I got to try your latest tables earlier back in 2016 & they are amazing Thank you 1,000,000 times Awesome work as always
  6. kingwizard

    Physmod 5 Table Requests

    I have dealt with a similar table like that when I first got VP9 Physmod5 a few weeks back. Somehow, I was able to get Haunted House to work on Physmod5. Hopefully, there will be a PM5 version of Black Hole sometime in the near future...
  7. kingwizard

    Physmod 5 Table Requests

    I tried the recreation of "Metallica Pro by Stern" for Visual pinball 9 PM5 That game rocks! I always dreamed of having that one Thank you
  8. kingwizard

    Physmod 5 Table Requests

    I'd like to request "Terminator 3 - Stern" for Physmod 5 please
  9. kingwizard

    Metallica Rom Issue

    UPDATE: Tried the table, it kicked butt! Hope to see Metallica LE one of these days
  10. kingwizard

    Metallica Pro FS PM5

  11. For Rolling Stones, on dropbox... it says file not found.
  12. kingwizard

    Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    Excellent Tried Family Guy, Shrek and Dark Knight They are amazing Never tried Wheel Of Fortune and NBA though...
  13. kingwizard

    Absolute Favorite Vp/fp Of All Time?

    My favorite tables are: STAR TREK Pro (STERN) Mustang Pro (STERN) Big Buck Hunter Pro (STERN) Iron Man (STERN) XMEN LE (STERN) TRON LE (STERN) Avatar Pro (STERN) Metallica Pro (STERN) ACDC Pro (STERN) The Walking Dead Pro (STERN) Spiderman (STERN) Family Guy (STERN) ELVIS (STERN) Dale Jr. (STERN) The Simpsons Pinball Party (STERN) Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines (STERN) High Roller Casino (STERN) NFL (STERN) Striker Xtreme (STERN) Meteor (STERN) Flight 2000 (STERN) The Addams Family (BALLY) Twilight Zone (BALLY) Theatre Of Magic (BALLY) World Cup Soccer 94 (BALLY) Scared Stiff (BALLY) Attack From Mars (BALLY) Pool Sharks (BALLY) Elvira And The Party Monsters (BALLY) Dr. Who (BALLY) Black Rose (BALLY) Monster Bash (WILLIAMS) Fish Tales (WILLIAMS) Bram Stokers Dracula (WILLIAMS) Demolition Man (WILLIAMS) Congo (WILLIAMS) Comet (WILLIAMS) Cyclone (WILLIAMS) Hurricane (WILLIAMS) Bad Cats (WILLIAMS) No Fear (WILLIAMS) Star Trek The Next Generation (WILLIAMS) Diner (WILLIAMS) Taxi (WILLIAMS) F-14 Tomcat (WILLIAMS) The Getaway HS2 (WILLIAMS) High Speed (WILLIAMS) Pinbot (WILLIAMS) Jackbot (WILLIAMS) Bride Of Pinbot (WILLIAMS) Creature From The Black Lagoon (WILLIAMS) Gorgar (WILLIAMS) Sorcerer (WILLIAMS) Firepower (WILLIAMS) Defender (WILLIAMS) Space Shuttle (WILLIAMS) Space Station (WILLIAMS) Alien Poker (WILLIAMS) Twister (SEGA) STAR WARS TRILOGY (SEGA) Batman Forever (SEGA) Space Jam (SEGA) Apollo 13 (SEGA) Lost In Space (SEGA) Harley Davidson 1999 (SEGA) South Park (SEGA) Guns N Roses (DATA EAST) Phantom Of The Opera (DATA EAST) The Simpsons (DATA EAST) Star Wars (DATA EAST) Batman (DATA EAST) Hook (DATA EAST) Checkpoint (DATA EAST) Jurassic Park (DATA EAST) Robocop (DATA EAST) WWF Royal Rumble (DATA EAST) Back To The Future (DATA EAST) Cue Ball Wizard (GOTTLIEB) Barbed Wire (GOTTLIEB) Big Hurt (GOTTLIEB) Freddy: A Nightmare On Elm Street (GOTTLIEB) Waterworld (GOTTLIEB) Gladiators (GOTTLIEB) Street Fighter 2 (GOTTLIEB) Super Mario Bros (GOTTLIEB) Class Of 1812 (GOTTLIEB) Cactus Jacks (GOTTLIEB) Surf N Safari (GOTTLIEB) Silver Slugger (GOTTLIEB) Lights Camera Action (GOTTLIEB) Haunted House (GOTTLIEB) Black Hole (GOTTLIEB) Central Park (GOTTLIEB) Ace High (GOTTLIEB) Slick Chick (GOTTLIEB) Sure Shot (GOTTLIEB) Volcano (GOTTLIEB) Big House (GOTTLIEB) Spirit Of 76 (GOTTLIEB) Airport (GOTTLIEB) Q-Berts Quest (GOTTLIEB) Genesis (GOTTLIEB) El Dorado (Both Original & City Of Gold)(GOTTLIEB) Those tables are my favorites I started playing pinball since I was a little kid during the year 1998 I'm still playing pinball today
  14. kingwizard

    Metallica Rom Issue

    I am also making a Pro version of Metallica. However, this is going to be my first table. I am having trouble with the whole script, models and finding the playfield plastics.