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  1. We need to get some email going for this one. Better yet, do you have skype?
  2. Osprey101

    Flipper Adjustment

    Since this is in the Real Pinball Discussion section I have to ask if you are referring to a real machine?
  3. Oops! Here we are again. Any word on what is up with the chat?
  4. Osprey101

    Currently Unable To Access Chat

    Hey guys, I have a short term solution. I have had this for a while.... I am there now. http://tinychat.com/osprey101
  5. Osprey101

    Chief Shuffle Alley Rotated?

    Here is the machine that was written for. It runs on winXP and the view is rotated in windows. Vid 1: Vid 2: Vid 3: Vid 4:
  6. Don't worry. We still love you.
  7. Any idea how long this will take (before we start grabbing our torches and pitchforks)? You know we act like heroin junkies when it comes to chat.
  8. Osprey101

    Weird Issues

    On my way!
  9. Osprey101

    Weird Issues

    maybe I should send you some too. Then you won't care about the plunger. My honest suggestion to fix it is: just buy a real pin. The plunger always works as expected on those.
  10. Osprey101

    Weird Issues

    He got his meds from me and I know they are good.
  11. I need a Williams Sys11 MPU. No A,B or C. Just a regular Sys11. Anyone got one they are willing to part with?
  12. Osprey101

    A Call For Help

    Can we delete this now?
  13. Osprey101

    Grand Lizard Williams

    Wow, I just picked one up. Cool machine but mine still needs board work and I am retouching and clear coating the pf.