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  1. Some tables haven't the option 56 to set knocker in q24 position. There are more tables with this issue more than Austin powers (all stern). The 2 alternative for this issue are: - set rom for free play so you have not to insert coin and you have knocker working for replays - set knocker off (in dof configtool for relative stern tables haven't this option in rom features). With this option knocker will never work... When you insert coins but when you win a replay too Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. really thanks vett... GREAT AWESOME TABLE. only 1 thing for folks like me have mechanical plunger with freescale in z- axis i enabled mechanical plunger, it works, but i couldn't se p0,p1,p2,p3..... p21 movements script and images seems ok? i'm missing something?
  3. really great tabel!!! i found two bug and it will be really fun if you could solve them to play without problem this marvelous table. i've analog plunger with z-axis. selecting plunger in project i enable analog plunger in options but: - z-axis and plunger work only after push once enter (default plunger button if you havent analog). after push once enter it works but: - if i pull down the plunger the ball fall down under the cab like if wall doesn't stop ball hope hoping you could solve i say again.... GREAT TABLE!!!!!
  4. sorry... i didn't see the v2 rel. now everything works... thanks edizzle... great great work
  5. Yes outhere I'm using pm5. But have this problem. Error arrive when open pm5, open table, select maverick... Error appears and close pm5 Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. guys sorry for stress but i couldn't play table cause sound buffer error... someone could help me? thanks
  7. Hi guys, someone could give me his own nvram file to let table rocks also on my cab? thanks
  8. hi guys... great table.. sorry one question where could i find bgout tf intro mp3? thanks
  9. nicco84

    Stern Roms

    Understood, thanks arngrim!!
  10. nicco84

    Stern Roms

    Sorry arngrim, I've seen original dll was about 5 Mbyte and yours 2.11 about 1.5 Mbyte... I believe yours lacks some roms but I just check is complete! Sorry for stupid answer and thanks!
  11. nicco84

    Stern Roms

    Hi guys and really thanks for your work! i'm trying to run POTC in VP, ok it works no problem but i have to change vpinmame.dll ... i have to change it everytime i want to play a table is not in one or each library. is it a way to melt actual library wit sam library to have one single vpinmame.dll libreary? thanks
  12. Some hints for Austin powers table? I had problem with ripley's BION and this thread save my game experience! But I have same problem with Austin powers and I think there are no solution for knocker when I add coins... Am I wrong?
  13. Solved!!!! Ripley's is a stern table and for all stern table there's the knocker issue. Solution is there! http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/830-stern-knocker-rom-tipfix/ Really thanks to arngrim for the hint
  14. Hi I have a little issue in jpsalas cabinet 912 FS ripley's believe it or not table. I have about 30 tables and problem with no one. When I start table and insert coin every led and strobe start (think Is correct) but start to hit also knocker continuously. It stops only if I play or exit table. This happens only if I play with 320 roms (ripleysf (French), ripleysi (italian)...) but if I play with rom 310 or 302 dof doesn't work (not only knocker every wire of ledwiz) I check all the script and I think it's correct (apart DMD rol and b2s.server I changed anything else). In other forum topic table other people have this issue. Could be the dof config.ini? Thanks to all
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