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  1. Guns N Roses

    Good luck with the colorization :)! I also love GNR and this one deserves a nice color touch :).
  2. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    Sorry I meant destination...
  3. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

  4. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    Try forcing it with source= pin2dmd. In default it does not find mine either but forcing it works fine.
  5. How Do I Get "original" Brownish/orange Colors On Dmd?

    Thanks for sharing and would love to have the palette .
  6. I thought it was the right magna save. Did you check the vpx key mapping and the scipt?
  7. Lethal Weapon 3

    You're becoming a real money maker .
  8. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    If I let dmdext search for my pin2dmd it does not find it either. If I force dmdext with the source option it works without any issues.
  9. Starship Troopers WIP

    Great stuff guys on the colouring front . It takes some much time and effort and I'm impressed with the dedication!
  10. Lethal Weapon 3

    Good to see you back colorizing for the community! LW3 is looking awesome man .
  11. Baywatch dump

    Version 1.0.0


    PinMame DMD dump from Baywatch. Can be used for coloring projects with pin2dmd editor.
  12. Pinballx DOF Config

    I have the same issue and log contents. If I find a solution I will post it here.. Update: got initial DOF working (flippers. rbg leds going left to right scrolling through tables). The only real thing I did was to move the DirectOutput directory to the root of C:. Not sure yet why it didn't work when the directory was in my c:\apps directory. Will do some more testing... PS all config files are located in the .\config directory.
  13. Terminator 2

    Yeah! Great work for a great pincab .
  14. Family Guy

    Thanks Lucky for the new pin2dmd,pal file. I downloaded the new 1.1 patch and with the new file the color rom works with the pin2dmd. Great!
  15. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Thanks Lucky1 for sharing your color setup :). Looks nice!