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  1. Yeah! Great work for a great pincab .
  2. Thanks Lucky for the new pin2dmd,pal file. I downloaded the new 1.1 patch and with the new file the color rom works with the pin2dmd. Great!
  3. Thanks Lucky1 for sharing your color setup :). Looks nice!
  4. The problem is not with virtual dmds but with the pin2dmd. Settings and patching steps are all done right. It just doesn't like running with the pal file. Does anyone have this one running with a pin2dmd device? Running the latest firmware 2.39. Update : just upgraded to 2.41 and latest version of dmddevice.dll (2.40) but still doesn't work.
  5. Same here. I can only get the patched rom to work by using the pin2dmd.exe /b fgy.dat command. Via vpinmame and the Colorize Rom option the vpinmame crashes. Does anyone have a solution to this? Is it vpinmame.dll related or pin2dmd firmware related? Thanks.
  6. Cool, I've also did some colorization on T2 but stopped when I found out Rappelbox was also working on it. Maybe good to inform him you are almost done ;).
  7. Congratz on finalizing SFII ! Also thanks for sharing the source files so I can learn from it. When I'm back from holiday the first thing I will do is play SFII with color dmd .
  8. I tried many times to get close to the autentic orange color but have not been able to reproduce. I'm also very interested in your tweaking efforts randr. Hope you are able to find the magic key :).
  9. Version 1.0.0


    PinMame DMD dump from Cactus Canyon . Can be used for coloring projects with pin2dmd editor.
  10. Thanks for explaining this :), I did not pick this up from the youtube tutorials. Just read the editor info page ( again and found this bit of info and it is clear to me now.. Maybe it's just me but it's a lot to grasp and to get the hang of it. Will keep trying :).
  11. Ok, Today I worked on T2 and I still have some issues that is preventing me from actively working on colorizing roms. I wanted to start working with color masking as this is the only efficient way to color several frames that need to have repeated coloring of certain parts. The issue I have is that the selected color do not show up correctly in the preview plane (other color then selected one). I have no clue why this is. I included a video to demonstrate what I mean. All scenes have been created with the option to automatically create the key frame. In addition I have some general observations that I think help in user friendliness: Observations 64bit version, build 64: - when creating new scenes with the automated keyframe it does not create a new palette with a unique name for each new scene. It copies the first new created palette to all the other created scenes. Preference is a new assigned palette for each new scene created. - when selecting different scenes the Scene name or Duration of the selected scene are not displayed in the KeyFrame tab - When you have created several scenes with automated keyframes and you select a keyframe it jumps to the last frame +1 of the corresponding scene in the preview, I would prefer it jumps to the last frame of the scene and displays this one. - The color picker is not always on top (using Ctrl-Click to bring up the selection window). Only the first time when you use Ctrl-Click it is placed on top. Preference is the color picker is always placed on top. color mask.mp4
  12. Great ! Thanks.
  13. latest firmware 2.39, with new dmddevice.dll works! Thanks lucky1 for the update. Looks great.