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  1. Currenlty running PIN2DMD firmware 2.50 and no issues. When I install the PinUp Player 1.2 I need to install dmdext 1.6 prior to the installation (replacing the dmddevice.dll from Lucky). The dmddevice.dll and ini from dmdext are slightly modified via the PinUP 1.2 player during installation to ensure rom interaction for video display. The issue I have with this version of the dmddevice.dll is that some of the color roms do not display the colors correctly (know issue) but I also experience sound issues with DataEast roms like T2, LW3 and Batman. The only solution to solve this currenly is to revert back to the dmddevice.dll from Lucky that relates to the 2.50 firmware.
  2. Guns N Roses

    Good luck with the colorization :)! I also love GNR and this one deserves a nice color touch :).
  3. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    Sorry I meant destination...
  4. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

  5. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    Try forcing it with source= pin2dmd. In default it does not find mine either but forcing it works fine.
  6. How Do I Get "original" Brownish/orange Colors On Dmd?

    Thanks for sharing and would love to have the palette .
  7. I thought it was the right magna save. Did you check the vpx key mapping and the scipt?
  8. Lethal Weapon 3

    You're becoming a real money maker .
  9. Dmdext not recognising pin2dmd

    If I let dmdext search for my pin2dmd it does not find it either. If I force dmdext with the source option it works without any issues.
  10. Starship Troopers WIP

    Great stuff guys on the colouring front . It takes some much time and effort and I'm impressed with the dedication!
  11. Lethal Weapon 3

    Good to see you back colorizing for the community! LW3 is looking awesome man .
  12. Baywatch dump

    Version 1.0.0


    PinMame DMD dump from Baywatch. Can be used for coloring projects with pin2dmd editor.
  13. Pinballx DOF Config

    I have the same issue and log contents. If I find a solution I will post it here.. Update: got initial DOF working (flippers. rbg leds going left to right scrolling through tables). The only real thing I did was to move the DirectOutput directory to the root of C:. Not sure yet why it didn't work when the directory was in my c:\apps directory. Will do some more testing... PS all config files are located in the .\config directory.
  14. Terminator 2

    Yeah! Great work for a great pincab .
  15. Family Guy

    Thanks Lucky for the new pin2dmd,pal file. I downloaded the new 1.1 patch and with the new file the color rom works with the pin2dmd. Great!