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  1. [New B2S Alert] Mr. Black (Taito 1982)

    The picture is retouched by me
  2. Clown (Inder 1988)

    Thanks Wildman.
  3. Nautilus (Playmatic 1984)

    It takes a lot of work let it the picture fine with Photoshop but we need it. Soon I,ll do more backglass pictures.
  4. Attack (Playmatic 1980)

    Thanks Wildman to build it soon will send more backglass to build. Stat maybe any day I build a perfect recreation I did perfect pictures of a real pin.
  5. Vernes World (Spinball 1996)

    Thanks Wildman to build the B2S file,It has been very hard get a perfect picture of it but at the end I have get. Freneticamnesic try finish it soon it,s a of my favourites tables and I want play it soon. Soon I,ll get more pictures of backglasses to build the B2S files Wildman.
  6. I have a problem exiting of Hyperpin with Esc key and others keys of keyboard. I have installed FPLaunch 1.295 10 WIP in my pc with a interface usb like this: http://www.jammaboards.com/store/pc-mame-ps3-to-arcade-controller-usb-interface-pcb-kit-pc2jamma-usb.html I have configurated all buttons in my virtual pinball with JoyToKey 3,74 program of this way: I have changed the Esc key in the button 5 by the key e because produced conflict with the B2S files. But always that I exit with the button 5 pressing three seconds, appears the menu of Visual pinbal and this screen,the menu of 3,2,1 doesn,t appear: I have changed in the Settings.ini the Exit key and nothing always appears that menu and if I have pressed three seconds the button 5 doesn,t nothing. Instead if I press three seconds the key e of a keyboard that I have connected in the virtual pin if appears the menu of 3,2,1 and exit perfectly. Does anyone know why doesn,t work the menu of exit of Hyperpin when I press the button 5 and if works when I press the key e of keyboard? I don,t find where can be the issue. Here you go also the log file : http://www.mediafire...wvhq78l/log.rar
  7. Hot Wheels (Zaccaria 1979)

    Thanks Wildman.
  8. Timemachine (Zaccaria 1983)

    Thanks Wildman.
  9. Road Kings (Williams 1986)

    Thanks Wildman.
  10. Earth Wind Fire(Zaccaria 1981)

    Thanks Wildman.
  11. The Games (Mylstar 1984)

    Thanks Wildman soon I,ll send more pictures of backglass.
  12. Force Ii (Gottlieb 1981)

    Thanks Wildman today I have found picture better if you want use it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g0u76ozd86sfcc5/ff.rar
  13. Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2010)

    Ok 85vett thanks. If any day need more pictures of any pin you say me and maybe I can help you.
  14. Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2010)

    85 Vett I have sent a GTXJoe 628 mg of pictures of HD of Big Bug Hunter to you use to built the table. Least you could have added to me in the credits.
  15. Batman Dark Knight Wip

    85vett I,m Akiles50001 of VpForum here I,m kanario40. I have sent to GtxJoe all pictures that I did of a Batman pin in HiRes with the picture of Joker also in HiRes included.