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  1. I think my answer was essentially sitting in another thread (http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/1339-dmd-issues-with-potc/?hl=setup.exe#entry11977) where arngrim stated "you would need to check this cabinet mode option from the f1 options when you play, for the tables that you already launched before you had the default settings with cabinet mode checked" It seems that I will need to edit all previously loaded tables on my cabinet that use the DMD display. I'll add some steps below in case this might be able to help someone else in the future: To fix the DMD positions and have them remember their positioning, when using VPinmame.dll for SAM tables, I need to; 1) Open the table and reposition the DMD by 'click and drag' to the desired position/screen. (TIP: If doing this in Hyperpin, press 't' to be able to view your cursor) 2a) Press F1 when the table is in focus, to bring up Game Settings OR 2b) Right click on the DMD, and select Game Settings 3) Select 'Cabinet Mode' and click 'OK'. Changes are not immediate. To see the saved settings, you'll need to exit VP and/or Hyperpin and reopen the table via VPinball and/or Hyperpin. Settings should have saved and DMD should be in the correct position. You'll need to perform the steps for every table that has it's DMD in the wrong location. I do not believe you'll need to exit VP or Hyperpin to see the saved settings between each table, but you might want to check to be safe.
  2. I'm using Win XP Professional, Service Pack 3. Am I to assume that with this OS I am out of luck with running SAM tables and having all DMD's holding their positions, or do I need to utilize one of these workarounds? (If so, which?) And let me ask this, while I'm here. It might seem like a rookie question, but, when it is said to 'install the new vpinmame', is this as simple as replacing the previous vpinmame.dll which is what I assume, or is there an install process that needs to be performed that I'm not fully understanding? Thanks again.
  3. Is there a CABINET version of vpinmame.dll for use with SAM tables? The vpinmame.dll that I have allows me to use the SAM tables that I've tried, but the DMD does not maintain it's position on my third screen. I've seen several threads and multiple discussions indicating some possible solutions to the issue; some suggesting to edit the registry, some suggesting to use the DMD Mover. I would like to avoid this if necessary, plus, I have to think that there's a vpinmame.dll file that is both CABINET and SAM friendly. Does this exist? And if so, can someone point me to it (direct link) along with the file name of the one I seek (in case there are multiple vpinmame.dll's on the linked page)? Thanks in advance.
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