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    Great work on this BG Coyo. Keep them coming. I love that your B2S use a very realistic numerical font/sizing.
  1. Great looking table but I find some of the sounds are either too loud (spinners) or too low (the slingshot bumbers above the flippers).......???? Is it just a matter of editing the level and reimporting them?
  2. How about a static backglass for Star Trek and use VPinMame as controller? If you have 500 working tables then this could be an option..... I have a similar issue with Rolling Stones. No matter what I cannot get that table to run with B2S at all.....
  3. Are you guys running Windows XP? I thought the B2S errors that cause these type of errors was OS related? I got the same error as you have encountered with Rolling Stones and Mustang until I went back to VPinMame as the controller......
  4. I have an i3 4160 with 4GB 1600Ghz Ram and AMD R7 260X with 2GB GDDR5 running Hyperpin under Windows XP. I have 406 tables (mix of VP9, PM5, VPX and FP using BAM) and I would say 404 tables run perfectly and only 1 or 2 show any signs of stutter in my 2 screen setup. Why throw away what you already have to start afresh? I had 260 tables initially and have gradually built up my collection over the past 18 months. FPLaunch wip 10 allows Hyperpin to launch every flavour of FP. I have had teething problems like everyone has, and there are a couple of VPX tables that the B2S backglass will not function with but other than that..... Nothing to complain about especially when all of this stuff is FREE !!!
  5. I didn't think approval for you Mr Dozer would take this long......... Still only showing 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 in the d/l section...
  6. I am running a Core i3 4160 with AMD R7 260x 2gb and almost all tables (VP9, PM5, VPX, BAM/FP's) work flawlessly...... It was dirt cheap too. I don't measure FPS - I use my eyes. If my eyes detect any stutter then I work on that table - e.g. Sorpranos under VPX was a serious slowdown initially but now that works flawlessly 99% of every game with a lamp timer increase which aleviated ball stutter..... I don't use AA or Amb Occ or anything like that though, but tables still look excellent - to my eyes anyway
  7. I find altering my VPinMame to 'Compact Display' and changing to '255' for RED and '0' to Blue and Green makes the Stern DMD's look slightly brighter/better......
  8. This plays as fast as the real table. LOVE IT !!! Well done. The other attempt for FP was fine until this one arrived......!!!
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