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  1. ain14


  2. anda a la puta que te pario jackie chan! entendes esto? understand pinball troll?
  3. but is you looking for real pictures of spider man tables search in google : spider man pinball , and look the pictures in all the available sizes
  4. Hey, do you want a really big image of a real machine (like this picture) or a pic of a vp or fp table?
  5. the design of TBL, looks like an 80's machine, of course, i've play a vp version, but i don't like the machine.
  6. and thanks to coolball, the godfather of we, the desktop users!!
  7. excellent design as usual, great work guys!!!
  8. thank you cool, you always save us, the desktop users!
  9. gtxjoe wanted to create wheel of fortune, but didn't make it, I think,I collected a few pictures of WOF, if someone wants to create the table, you can use these pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/egzjo166qv4m58z/AABUeaaRlCVwtIPHZgNw0pFga
  10. by the way jackie chan ... family guy it's already available in fp too! but its ok that this man design his own family guy table, ok my table designer troll friend?
  11. really fun table! I've got the future pinball version
  12. really nice! i don't kills animals, but i'll really kill your bucks!
  13. so good luck in the work, batman dark knight is a really cool machine to play!
  14. my language is spanish, buy here in the forum i must use english cause all the people writes in english, mon ami... english!
  15. CSI and stern indiana jones works fine in future pinball, mr arngrim, do you mean that these 2 tables doesn't work fine in VP? in cabinet?
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