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  1. Wow! Looks fantastic! This will be a UltraDMD table for sure, right?
  2. Fantastic table & tons of fun to play! One of STERN's best tables, along with Star Trek!
  3. Fantastic table! Love it!!
  4. Thanks, coolball, that did the trick! I also noticed that during Kraken multiball (or any other multiball mode), if two balls hits the spinning "disc" at the same time, they will just continue to spin endlessly without rolling back onto the playfield. This makes it impossible to continue playing, unless you hit the "B" key to add another ball. But then it messes up the whole gameplay. Hope to see a fix for this aswell soon. Other than that, it's an excellent table and one of my fave Stern tables!
  5. Thank you so much, Fren! One thing though, it seems to me that the balls won't drain on the outlanes nor between the flippers.Is there a quick fix for this?
  6. No need to thank me for the table, as I'm not involved in creating it, other than that I converted it to a desktop version. That said, you only have to thank me for that!
  7. Excellent work on this beauty! Addicting and fun table! Thanks!!
  8. I made a desktop version. Read my post earlier in this thread for more info about that.
  9. Thank you so much for the BETA release! Played a few games and everything plays really well so far!. Fun table with lots of stuff to shoot at! Top table for sure! As a side-note, I converted it to a desktop table, so for those who are interested, let me know.
  10. Amazing table! Fingers crossed it will be out soon!
  11. Outstanding! A work of art!
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