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  1. Forgive my ignorance of primatives but once imported into VP can you alter it in any way? Or would I have to start over from editing from in FP? I know nothing of them. I'm going to try this and see how it works out just want to make sure I understand everything. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info, I'm trying to figure out how to make a better looking metal ramp now . I will give the a try when I get home.
  3. That looks fantastic.Light years ahead of mines, I just got owned but I expected it. 85vett, if I may ask did you manually setup the inline drop targets? Or were you able to come up with away to use normal VPM drop target scripting methods some how?
  4. Thank you, I paid no attention that was even there.
  5. How does one come up with table width and table height/length numbers? Looking at various tables I see the numbers all over the place. Does it really matter as far as play ability ? I normally use 1000/2000 for every table I make. Thanks.
  6. For reasons of greed Stern saw fit to keep releasing "Updated" versions with different toys and trim pretty much the same way stern does Pro, LE, & Premiums now. It just happened over a long period of time versus all released at once now a days. I fancied the 3rd edition myself. Almost got a real one but got sold from under me way back when.
  7. Wow cool, thank you. I can make this work. It's better than what I had (nothing).
  8. Thanks for this. I had been tinkering around with another one someone made. Compared to 85vett's table I can imagine mines look like a kid made it but it's functional, lol. Freneticamnesic, would you happen to have anything for Stern Harley Davidson? Most hate it but I rather like it but have nothing to work with beyond blue print images.
  9. Real machines are harder period just due to nature of them. I finally got to play a real Metallica and got my butt handed to me. You just have to learn the habits of the ball on the given table. While learning to make tables I started to notice and learn the habits of where the ball is going to go after it hits certain objects. At first I sucked at new stern VP releases but having since worked on my own table the more I play the more I learn the habits and counter and get long play times. Practice makes perfect!
  10. Awesome work on the table Gtxjoe. It plays and looks fantastic.
  11. Thank you both gtxjoe and markmon. I was starting think I was in over my head and was loosing hope. I had suspected something was operating backwards but I did not know where to begin troubleshooting as all common methods I found were failing and it just did not make any sense. Learn something new everyday. Thanks again.
  12. Hi, I had been learning how to create tables and just gotten into learning VPM tables and figuring out scripting by trial and error. I chose Metallica (big fan) to learn and understand what is going on and I had gotten most of the switches and solenoids setup but I had issues with the inline 3 bank drop targets being non responsive only the optics after them working. I first thought I was doing something wrong and tried various methods from other tables and still nothing. So I thought to try to run the rom outside of VP and I found something odd. I found from going to the switch menu that the switches (60,61,62) are all active for the drop targets for no apparent reason. Has anyone else experienced this with these roms (Pro & LE)? I know this table is off limits for release I am just doing this as a learning experience for myself, Thanks!
  13. I got that as well so just hit don't care and continue and it works.
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