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  1. no problem. Explainig is not easy :-). Thank you, that you guys are searching for a fix.
  2. Here is a screenshot with some paint on it to explain. I shoot the ball up the right ramp (blue arrow) the ball comes down to the flippers this way (green arrow) instead of this way (orange arrow)
  3. Thanks for this great tabe. Looks and play fantastic. Little Problem: When I shoot the ball up the right ramp, then the ball falls down on the top of the ramp and comes back to the right flipper by comming down the right loop. The ball does never get back to the flipper over the ramp. Does anybody have this problem?
  4. I use VP9.9 in DX9 Mode and there are no problems. I downloaded thy Physmod about 2 or 3 Months ago. Is there an update of this Beta?
  5. Thanks for your help 85vett. I changed this value, saved the table and try to start ist. Still the same error. It's strange, than this happens only with all Physmods form Stern SAM tables.
  6. First of all thank you for these great tables and your hard work. I have a problem with starting all of the Physmod tables that are using SAM. When I start the table I get an error "Machine terminated ...... check the rom". I'm sure, that nothing is wrong, because the "normal" SAM tables work perfectly. Also the Physmods of non SAM tables are working. Any help or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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