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  1. Thank you fren for nba and wof.

  2. Can anybody create nba stern table?
  3. any update on this table?
  4. the rom 1.25 not work.
  5. Hy do you have a mustang?

    1. 85vett


      You talking about a real mustang or the pin?

      I have 3 real mustangs (02 cont GT, 2010 Roush 427R, 04 cobra). If you are talking about the pin, I don't have one yet :-(

    2. andros


      I talking about mustang pinball stern pro table?

    3. andros


      Can you give me that pinball mustang?

  6. i dont understand but where is that sam rom to load?
  7. something is wrong with metallica doesnt run. when i press play vpinmame not run
  8. thank you etherealmusic478 for great table is so nice table
  9. can you give me a dektop mode etherealmusic478
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