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  1. Ledwiz Configtool: Questions

    Hi Arngrim, i saw the news custom RGB fields, but I can not understand how they work. I want to handle my two RGB magna buttons... I was expecting them to be mapped in the "Port assignments" section... Can you help me? thanks.
  2. Ledwiz Configtool: Questions

    Hi Arngrim, please you can add Rocky & Bullwinkle? Thanks
  3. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    OK, thanks, I will check the source in the coming days. I end here our off topic, cya in the other thread... :-)
  4. Stern Sam - Pinmame Source Code

    mmm... Why do you think it's a problem if IPAC receives a constant signal from a switch? we are talking about a few mA ... Antropus solution is a workaround... a good workaround, but if the original coin door own the door switch, why don't use it? I saw another solution with a relay... This is my original Williams coin door, with the white switch for the control of the closure... I think that many others like me own a coin door with this switch, it is more convenient to use this instead of trying workarounds, or not? May be a good idea to use another key, or add an option to decide how to use the END key. It's a #define, so may be simpler to add a key, or make a different vpinmame.dll "cabinet door edition" ... I wrote the patch, and I use it in my cabinet with a recompiled DLL; It works and is very useful. If you want to add my patch in the official distribution, it's not a problem for me (I only change a lot of #define, I don't write new code) and I can try to help you adding a new key, otherwise I continue to use my DLL.
  5. Hi guys, I found a way to run the END key exactly how the switch of a pinball cab, ie it remains ON until it is pressed and goes OFF when released (at this time it becomes ON when pressed and returns to OFF at the next pressure). May be an idea to put it in the official version of VPM (maybe mapped in another key as suggested by Arngrim)? To activate this you need to edit these lines wpc\alvg.h(35): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0400, "Ticket", KEYCODE_END) wpc\bowlgames.c(479): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0100, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\gts3.h(69): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0040, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\taito.h(16): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0020, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\vd.c(141): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x8000, DEF_STR(Unknown),KEYCODE_END) wpc\wpc.h(20): COREPORT_BITTOG( 0x0100, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\zacproto.c(177): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\zacproto.c(278): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) wpc\zacproto.c(381): COREPORT_BITTOG(0x0002, "Coin Door", KEYCODE_END) by replacing COREPORT_BITTOG with COREPORT_BIT. If you want to try this patch easily here you can find the latest build recompiled. What do you think about this? VPinMAME_notoggle.zip
  6. Ledwiz Configtool: Questions

    I'm working to install it, but I need to code the plugin for my arduino project.. I don't use Ledwiz... So for now I use the old led framework... But if it's only a problem of mine.. no probs..
  7. Ledwiz Configtool: Questions

    Looks like it... if i remove the "m" line from the config, all works right...
  8. Ledwiz Configtool: Questions

    The problem is that all the tables whose rom begins with m take that configuration. I think it depends on the fact that the script checks only the beginning of the name of the rom in order to allow you to load all versions (l1, l2, l3, etc. ..), then it is as if you were writing "m*". Medieval Madness, for example, doesn't work.... It's a problem of my configuration?
  9. Ledwiz Configtool: Questions

    Yep, sorry... Config ready! Do you saw my report about the "m" ROM?
  10. Ledwiz Configtool: Questions

    Hi! please you can add an empty config for Sky Jump (rom name skijump)? Thanks
  11. New Ledwiz Configuration Tool

    I'm talking about magma buttons... I have 2 RGB flipper buttons, with the same color (so, 3 channels at all), and 2 white magma buttons. For magma I use two channels, left and right, because there are boards that use only a magma and I turn on only the button that can be used.
  12. New Ledwiz Configuration Tool

    This is a good question... My first idea was to use two RGB buttons and illuminate the buttons used with the original pinball color, but I don't want to use 6 channels having only 32 (and for a small number of tables) ... maybe in the future if I will install two LedWiz. So, for now, I need only two channels, left and right, and I use two white LED. Thanks