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  1. you mean like this one over at vpf.org
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od_6M8cFdUA Love the movie!!
  3. wouldn't the curved screen produce weird distorted images?
  4. ever hear of lexan? Lexan is a registered trademark for SABIC Innovative Plastics' (formerly General Electric Plastics) brand of a thermoplastic polycarbonate. Polycarbonate polymer is produced by reacting bisphenol A with phosgene. Lexan is the brand name for polycarbonate sheet and resin in a wide range of grades. Lexan is mainly used in three domains: building (glazing and domes), industry (machine protection and fabricated parts and communication and signage. Common usages include space and sports helmets, clear high-performance windshields and aircraft canopies, motor vehicle headlight lenses, and bullet-resistant windows. It is also used in textiles machinery for high-temperature and high-strength polymer application. we used to protect shuffle alleys with the stuff by placing it over the holes so kids won;t be able tro cheat BUT at a quarter inch the stuff can stop a 22 bullet at ten paces and take many blows from a 5 pound sledge hammer
  5. glad you like NYC I personally hate the place but then again I had to drive into it every day for over thirty years for three different companies and I was there during the attacks in 93 and 01 can't say I actually hate Manhattan but it ain't on the top of my fave list for places to revisit but I did not know that there were pin places in manhattan but do you happen to have their address so others can visit the place too
  6. faralos


    trying to make it into a fs version is taking longer than expected BUT I am gonna' try... for you ain't the only one who asked for a fs version of it
  7. if it were a desktop table then I would love to be able to help BUT I don't do any type of work on the fs pins just my opinion but I think cabs suck... the flat look of the pin is false to me so I tend not to do any type of work on any of them but if it's done already I can add sounds music and a attract mode for others to use I just can't play test any pins any more since vp the newer versions don't work at all on my computer I can use 9.1.5 but that's as far as I can go the newer versions of vp don't run
  8. faralos


    I built a pin based on a sanatorium with some nasty looking pics on the play field but I did not do the art work on it that was done by Hassanchop from vpf but the theme is rather dark with some disturbing sound bytes in it I am also in the process of building a pin based on zombies not too sure how yet but they will be the main theme in the pin maybe a zombie hunter game with weapons to find... people to 'off' maybe with a zombie with animation like with the weapons you get you take off body parts from the main zombie character
  9. the only guide I can find is how to make stuff in vp and it was written years ago but does not support the newer stuff that vp has in it http://www.armuco.ch/bubble/VisualGuidehtml/indexGB.htm also on that page sits the shivaengine but over at vpf there is a post concerning script commands and what they mean http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=4261 good luck as it is a rather long post
  10. Frenetic the Trigon table that Shiva built uses his shiva engine it runs better than most vp pins IMHO and looked fantastic for a vp8 table it also got updated for vp9 and I think FS too it works not with roms but his special coding and it runs great! the name for it is shivaengine it is also a vbs file
  11. now is this only to be used with the latest vp revisions? I still use 9.1.2 due to stuttering with the newer prograqms but am waiting for that video card that hopefully will let me use the newer ones
  12. hard work ,patience, a smattering of curse words, and a very understanding significant other! we work for months at a time to make these pins and for some of them it shows! oh and about that three year thingie: 11) The last of the Whitestar games is Nascar and according to Gaston expires in August, thus our plan is to release VPM fully open source on that day.
  13. then you are missing out on hundreds of tables! sorry to hear you being so biased against the older pins have you even tried any of the newer originals yet? try one it may shock you with the physics
  14. any decent sporting goods store should have a 3d stand up buck or two lying around for hunters to practice on or find a figurine of Bullwinkle and import the pics into the pin
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