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  1. Sorry Rappelbox, I found the old one only. I used the link from your first post and found nothing else. What do I wrong? regards coolball
  2. Downloaded the files but it's the same as the one from the 26.04.2019.
  3. OK, usa set now. Works much better. Sometimes wrong color, not often. Here Juggernaut, first original brown armor and the then a pink lady and suddenly brown again. Thank you for taking the time for my problem
  4. Thanks for your help. I has use the false rom to patch. I download the right rom now and make patch bin with this order bspatch XMLE1-51.bin xmn_151h.bin XMN_151h_cb3.diff the I zipped the bin file to xmn_151h.zip and copied into to my rom Folder. I tested with VPUColorROMPatcher_v02.exe but this does not work with .diff. I renamed the diff to dif and it works but it was no new bin file created. When I play with the new rom, I have in one game right colors and sometimes wrong colors, strange. Prof X has a green jacket and sec. later pink. Magneto has a red suit and suddenly pink, Colossus metall body is silver and suddenly pink and silver.
  5. I had done everything and the colors are wrong.
  6. What make I wrong. VPU Patcher makes no new ROM File. bspatch XP_V1-51.bin XP_V1-51h.bin XMN_151h_cb3.diff zip to xmn_151h.zip works The 2 pin2dmd.pal and vni are in the right folder but the most colors are wrong, Many colors are pink Please help me
  7. goog start, thanks for working on DocWho.
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