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  1. Star Wars

    It's so fantastic. Thank you for your great work.
  2. Star Wars

    Looks fantastic.
  3. Thank you malenko.
  4. Thank you Hannibal. I play your fantastic mod in the desktop view. Problem: I have a white flasher in the right and one in the left sidewall of the table, looks strange. Can you help to set the two flashers on the right place in DT view, please.
  5. Wip - The Walking Dead Pro - Groni Pinball

    Welcome back Musicman. Thank you Groni for your version of TWD.
  6. Godzilla

    Looks fantastic.
  7. Thank you for the update and happy Birthday.
  8. Thank you. Looks great
  9. Thank you very much CarnyPriest.
  10. Thank you for the nice mod. Where can I find the 200 rom?
  11. ACDC LE

    Thank you, works perfect.
  12. Hi Mike, I like your Metallica version. Your desktop view is very good. Two questions: 1.) Where can I find the MTL_170h.zip Rom. On Stern page I found MTL17LE.BIN, only. I renamed the File but I got an error and the table won't start.. 2.) Would you upload the new version with the snake script update, please? regards coolball
  13. It is Halloween, a strange day. TWD works as before. Thanks for helping.
  14. Yes DJRobX, that is very strange. Tested the table with an older version of VP and older vpmame. Everything the same. I delete my cfg downloaded the twd_156 ROM again, the same. PLease take a look on my crash.txt, maybe you got an idea. best regards Andreas crash.txt